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Is Journalism Dying?

A lot of people associate journalism with the newspaper. Which, unfortunately, isn’t as popular as it used to be. However, that in no way means that journalism as a whole is dying. Journalism is all around us. Ken Kurson, an editor, believes that it is just as important as being a doctor. People need media to survive nowadays. With the pandemic still being a major issue, it’s important to cover as much data and analytics as possible then share it with the world. 

If China’s journalist hadn’t shared what was happening with the virus, we all wouldn’t have known what to expect. Broadcasters don’t wake up at 3 am to tell us about local news that doesn’t have as much meaning breaking news. They have a very important purpose to serve and that is to inform and protect citizens. 

Even meteorologists play a large role in journalism. Warning people about destructive hurricanes or tornadoes could mean life or death for many. Keeping people constantly informed about all aspects of life is their duty and the promise they made to society. Ken Kurson believes that spreading the news about controversial subjects isn’t easy, but it’s always better to share the truth.

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