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How to Remain Respectful During the Election

2020 has really shaped how Americans view this country. With the pandemic remaining a pressing issue in the press, it’s hard not to get political. Ken Kurson, a journalist, suggests that although there are many views on politics, it’s important to respect those around you. The reason this country is so great is because of the rights citizens possess. So much has obviously changed since 1776 so, it’s important to stay up to date any facts and continue having a positive outlook. 

On Election Day, so much can happen. Part of the country will be joyful, and another may not. Regardless of who is in the oval office, it’s important to remain respectful and kind towards our peers. Many candidates have to go after one another to try and expose negative issues that may have lingered in their pasts. Let them pick how they want to represent themselves. Falling into a habit of bashing people on social media isn’t right and will only lead to more of a divide. 

For some reason, being headstrong is a virtue here in America. Collaboration isn’t very common to politicians and that should change. No candidate will ever be perfect. Each person will have many flaws and many reasons to lose votes, but nevertheless they will still try to pursue winning the Oval Office. Ken Kurson just hopes for a peaceful outcome in which is the country’s favor.

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