American flag inspired vote buttons for supporters during the presidential elections in the United States

The Power of Voting

Voting in the next election can be transformational for our country. It truly doesn’t matter what side you’re one, voting is extremely important. Ken Kurson recommends voting to any citizen because that way, the nation will be able to choose a leader that represents the country as a whole. There is so much power in voting for a candidate to lead the country for the next four years.

Although this coming election is what some may call ”special”, the importance of voting is paramount no matter who is destined to be in office. Giving power back to the citizens is of the utmost importance. There are millions of people with different political opinions and that’s perfectly okay. The whole point of creating an independent nation was to give everyone a voice. 

As the pandemic progresses, remember that in-person voting may not occur. In other words, be prepared. Register to vote before it’s too late. Mail-in voting is tricky because votes need to be mailed in a week before voting day. That being said, getting certified and registers months before the election date is super helpful to anyone interested in the polls. People like Ken Kurson recommend voting to anyone who can because the fate of this country depends on it. To register; go to your state’s website and click on the link they provide. Once your information is put in, it’ll take a few weeks to process.

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