Internal Poll Shows Republican 15 Points Ahead of Dem Congressional Opponent in Rhode Island – Opinion

Former Cranston, Rhode Island, Mayor Allan Fung is crushing expectations in the race for the state’s Second Congressional District, according to multiple polls, which will be decided in this November’s midterm elections.

A moderate Republican poll shows that he is leading by 50 points. His likely Democratic opponent, General Treasurer Seth Magaziner garnered only 35 percent. Breitbart reported that AM Strategies conducted a poll in May of likely voters.

These numbers may not be as accurate as recent polling from outside this race, even though internal polls can show bias in favor of a particular candidate. Fung beat every possible Democrat in a Boston Globe/Suffolk University survey that was taken between June 19 and 22 at 44.9 to 38.5 percent.

According to Politico, President Joe Biden won Rhode Island by receiving 59.7 per cent of the vote for 2020.

Newsweek reported that the Second Congressional District is Democrat-controlled. But Fung’s district is considered extremely competitive because the political environment heavily favors Republicans this November.

Northeasters are known for their ability to elect Democrats, as well as some centrist Republicans like Massachusetts Governor. Charlie Baker. Fung and Baker are not usually considered to be the most conservative elected officials. However, they will play a critical role in helping Republicans secure a stable House majority.

In 2018, Fung ran for governor against Gina Raimondo, who’s now the United States Secretary of Commerce. Although he only received 37.3 percent, the race arguably strengthened his name recognition in the district.

While New England politics is a unique creature, Democrats are certainly going to be working around the clock to make sure that Fung is seen as too far-right for Rhode Island, but because he’s such a moderate they won’t likely succeed in branding him like that.

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