Tapper Confronts Biden Official on President’s Inflation Gaslighting

This Wednesday, the afternoon The LeadCNN’s Jake Tapper, an anchor for CNN, did some random journalism by interviewing Cecilia Rouse (chairwoman of Council of Economic Advisers) about the shocking inflation rates that the Biden administration unleashed on American citizens over the past year-and-a-half he has been in office. 

Tapper was fed up by the Biden administration’s excuses each month when new inflation numbers are out. So he called Rouse as well as her associates in the administration.



I feel that every month, one of the nice White House people comes on the show to discuss inflation. You talk about the tools in President’s toolkit but you don’t actually use them. Tapper stated that these tools are not used. Tapper said that there is much debating, discussing, and prices continue to rise. 

Tapper interjected after Rouse kept giving excuses why inflation has continued to rise each month that Biden has been in power. “He’s a Democratic President, and the congress is controlled primarily by Democrats.” It’s not like you don’t know each other’s numbers. 

Biden was then accused of being overly optimistic, or simply naive in December last year when he maintained that inflation reached its peak in December 2021. “CNN’s Kaitlin Collins asked President Biden about inflation on December 10. Now it’s July. On December 10, and President Biden told her then that he thought December 10 was the peak of the crisis” Tapper noted. 

Tapper came back after playing a clip from the 10th of December 2021. He said, “it just seems evident that the Biden administration misjudged what bad inflation would get for months and even months.” 

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CNN’s The Lead
July 13, 2022
Eastern at 4:12:40 

JAKE Tapper: It seems like every month one or more of your nice White House staffers comes to this program and talks about inflation. But you never use these tools from President Obama’s tool box. You don’t even use these tools. These tools are not used.


Eastern, 4:14:10

TAPPER – He is the Democratic President, and the congress is controlled entirely by Democrats. It’s not like you don’t know each other’s numbers. Listen, CNN’s Kaitlin Collins asked President Biden about inflation on December 10. Now it’s July. She was told by President Biden on December 10, that December 10 would be the height of the crisis. Have a look. 

JOE BIDDEN: I believe you will see the change faster, quicker and more quickly than many people imagine. Everything else in the economy is moving ahead. It is performing amazingly well. 

TAPPER: The war in Ukraine took place since then. This is partly to blame for the higher gas prices. However, Putin’s forces were at the border that day. It seems that for many months, the Biden administration misjudged how severe inflation would get.

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