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Two weeks ago we wrote about how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the case against Glenn Youngkin as Virginia Republican Governor-Elect in remarks she made to an invite for a fundraiser on behalf Terry McAuliffe.

It was a reference to tightening state polls. warned that “If a Trump Republican wins a state that Biden won by 10 points, it will essentially steamroll a path for Trump’s comeback.”

That is not necessarily a bad thing, as I said at that time. It is for the hardcore Democrats, but it’s not good for the rest of us, including Republicans and conservative southern Democrats from the state, who are trying to get the country and state back to the point it was before Joe Biden was elected the 2020 Presidential Election winner. If not Trump, then someone similar to him (maybe Florida Governor). Ron DeSantis who doesn’t back down from the media when they launch fake news attacks and who refuses to fall victim to the policy traps Democrats routinely set.

In any event, I’m pleased to report to you today that McAuliffe himself along with campaign surrogate and failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams made a pretty convincing case Sunday for Youngkin, too – by telling people if elected, Youngkin could turn the state into something resembling Texas or Georgia:

CNN’s piece

“If you want to figure out what could happen to you in nine days if you don’t get out and vote, pick up a newspaper that talks about Georgia. If you want to know what happens in nine days, if we don’t get out and vote, looking at what’s happening in Texas,” Abrams said. “If you want to know what happens to Virginia, if we don’t vote, if you don’t turn out on November the 2nd, then remember what you felt like in November of 2016.”

McAuliffe had similar remarks.

I mean, I dunno about y’all, but that sounds pretty darned good to this born and bred southern girl, and though the remarks were designed specifically to scare and motivate the people in attendance at that Sunday event, they could have an unintended effect of having wavering or undecided voters consider the possibility of their state looking more like the freer states of Georgia and Texas, which did not go Full Metal Dictator during the pandemic – and then voting for Youngkin accordingly.

With all that said, and as I’ve written before, we need to keep things realistic here. Glenn Youngkin, if elected, while obviously much better for the state than McAuliffe would not be turning the state into a full-blooded red state like Texas or Georgia, because – assuming it could actually even happen – it would take more than four years considering all the damage Democrats have done to the state of Virginia. Virginia has to make significant changes in order to recover its lost status. RightTrack would take time.

However, he could pull it back from blue dominance with at most a few Republican policies. GOP candidates that come after him will be able get started doing whatever they can on the basis of this (and perhaps with a GOP state legislature to match).

As I’ve also said before, it shouldn’t be held against Youngkin that he’s It is not portrayed himself as a mini-Trump. The big thing to remember here is that he’s notTerry McAuliffe. McAuliffe was unable to present his state with dignity in his campaign, and he treated his parents (parents) poorly. with so much disrespect during his campaign, that’s the most important factoid of all for voters to consider at this stage in the game, in my opinion.

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