Washington Post Turns to Victim Shaming of a Minor to Preserve Narrative in Loudoun County School Rape Case – Opinion

The Washington Post is disgusted as Terry Mcauliffe’s case becomes a national news story.

Let us take a look at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation drama to help frame the issue. As Justice Kavanaugh was being accused, anyone who challenged Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony or sought details and witnesses was called victim oppression by the GOP. The seriousness of the allegations were overruled by the absence of evidence when a number of baseless charges were made. The testimony of accusers was considered sacred, so they were considered to be gospel. Anyone who tried to question their veracity would be branded heretic.

Loudoun County is witnessing that the granite-firm standards for female protections can be more fluid than a Jell O mold on the head of a Humvee in Death Valley at noon. Multiple levels of negligence were involved in the case of a teenage girl who was attacked at school’s bathroom by her classmate. Although the school board was reluctant to take action, media outlets were forced to report on the story. Terry Mcauliffe, the gubernatorial hopeful, has suffered from loud school administration support and his dismissive attitude towards parents.

Evidently, none of the main political figures in this instance are verbally abusing microphones. The feminist caterwauling groups are not silent. Alyssa Milano, who weeps over her bromides and female oppression at the expense of an underage victim is absent. The Washington Post is now doing a total 180 on scripting. Their latest report focuses on the victim. This was done to soften the narrative as this story has become more controversial for the Left.

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Since its inception, the school board is a hotbed of heated controversy. They blocked kids returning to school and imposed mask ordinance ordinances. Then they added Critical Race Theory curriculums. A case of sexual assault against a teenage girl resulted from the opening of more bathrooms to accommodate students with gender dysmorphia. When the father confronted school officials, he was taken into custody. The national organization sent a letter declaring that protesting parents were domestic terrorists.

It was a disaster, featuring a fecal act as the opening act, followed by a synchroized septic swim routine. Now, The Washington Post is adding more compost.

In a report on the court ruling regarding this case, writer Justin Jouvenal noted testimony from the defendant’s lawyers that the two youths in question had a history of consensual sex, but the attorney for Loudoun County said the victim would regularly turn down the requests for sex from the defendant. Jouvenal took to Twitter to emphasize what he considers an important part of the story. In a different way than what is stated in his article, he brings up the sexual history and experiences of the victim.

This is a deliberate move to confuse or create doubt in the story. That this story already has a finality to it makes his inclusion of the victim’s past character all the more repulsive, coming from the self-styled “justice reporter.” The judge in the case made the ruling that is The juvenile court equivalent to a guilty verdict. This same attacker is accused of sexually assaulting another student at Loudoun district school. There are also questions about why the attacker was allowed to continue classes when he has been charged with serious sexual crimes. 

This has put a spotlight on the school board for the way they handled the case and also the new policy that allowed the defendant to access the bathroom in this manner as they identified as being gender-fluid. The Washington Post believes it is acceptable to abandon all existing female protections, and instead resort to victim-shaming. 

Because we had been hearing for so many years loudly and repeatedly about the new protocol and guidelines regarding females, and sexual assault charges, this is an incredible revelation. They were expected to heed their warnings, to protect their characters above all, and to respect the seriousness of the charges. This is all more disturbing because it was happening with an underage girl. This should be enough to make it clear that many of the assault accusations standards that have been made are political conveniences and that any rules or guidelines that are given are only meant to be enforced by politicians.

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