‘I’m an Insurrectionist’ – Cassidy Hutchinson Texts Shatter Her Testimony – Opinion

We’ve seen that the Jan. 6 Committee doesn’t have much.

They haven’t produced anything publicly to support Cassidy Hutchinson’s fantastical story that she says she was told about a superhuman President Donald Trump lunging at a Secret Service agent and grabbing the wheel of his limo “The Beast.” Even the witnesses they did produce only told hearsay tales about a “heated discussion.” The Secret Service agents she had referenced in her story reportedly said that the actions she described didn’t happen. Trump didn’t leave from the Jan. 6 rally in “The Beast,” which contradicted her story. Eric Herschmann also testified she had written the note that she claimed she sent to White House Chief Staff Mark Meadows. This meant that her testimony had many holes.

But as we previously reported, there were also text messages showing Hutchinson had called the Jan. 6 Committee “B.S.,” that she went to the Trump people for help with financial assistance and a lawyer, and that she was also supposed to work for the Trump team after Jan. 20 — all of which didn’t fit with her story about what she said happened. The text messages indicated an entirely different person from the one she testified to before this Committee.

The Federalist says they now have additional texts from Hutchinson, further corroborating her credibility.

Hutchinson had a heartfelt conversation with others in the probe regarding the limited information they received about wrongdoing and how corrupted the committee. Hutchinson spoke repeatedly in support of Trump and his presidency, far from getting upset at Trump.

“I would rather shoot myself dead into the Potomac than see marine one flying around this city without 45 again,” Hutchinson wrote in one message nearly three months after the Capitol riot.

Hutchinson, a former White House staffer was subpoenaed in November 2021 by the Select Committee. Hutchinson continued his slander of the politicized Committee in private over the months and joked repeatedly about the same riot that left her with deep emotional wounds. Six days after she was issued a subpoena, Hutchinson called the Jan. 6 panel a “phony committee.” Around the same time, she told a former colleague her testimony would have nothing to offer.

“Other than a handful of irrelevant texts, I have literally no documents or anything they’re asking about,” one ex-White House staffer texted her.

“Same,” she wrote back.

About being subpoenaed in November, she joked that they were “f**ked by Bennie Thompson,” who is the Chair of the Jan. 6 Committee.


Hutchinson also was using “STOP THE STEAL” in messages, and had been at the U.S. Capitol on January 5, 2021 to “see our PEOPLE.” What’s more, she joked with a friend about having “an insurrection at parc Chelsea,” a D.C. apartment building, on “jan 6, 2023.” There was also a message in which she said she’d use a picture of President Trump’s rally outside the White House on January 6 as her Zoom background when she was deposed by the committee.

Hutchinson also detailed a conversation that she said she had with someone in D.C. while she was wearing a “45” t-shirt after Jan. 6.

Your sweatshirt is 45 for the person walking on the sidewalk
Me: Yes
Person: like, Trump?
Me: Yes
Person: staring
Me: I’m an insurrectionist.

Finally, I plugged in my headphones. That was it.

It was not the same woman that we witnessed, apparently so mad at Donald Trump when she testified before the Jan.6 Committee. Indeed, according to The Federalist, messages showed that she called Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) a “crop of losers,” and said, “Their egos are too f*****g big.”

This is what could have caused the flip. We wrote about how she needed money and how CNN contributor and former Trump staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin (who just got named to be a co-host on “The View”) hooked Hutchinson up with Liz Cheney. We see Hutchinson suddenly as a completely different person from what our texts revealed.

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