I Ordered a COVID Test From Joe Biden and Got It in Six Days, But There’s a Major Problem – Opinion

January 18, was the date I first reported about the launch of the Biden COVID website. I want to continue my reporting on how the testing went. After a lot more lying by Joe Biden, and shifts in positions regarding tests, this was the end.

Despite the fact they were trying to go with a “soft” opening to test the site on Jan. 18 rather than the declared opening day of Jan. 19, they already had problems on that first day. They were sending the test results out using the U.S. Post Office. This was to give them an advantage over other companies that had systems in place. But there were already problems, largely because of the requirements that the tests be sent to a “residence” and that there only be one order per residence. What that meant was that if your residence was for any reason associated with a business, you might not be able to order or if anyone else with that same address had ordered first, you wouldn’t be able to order. People who had businesses in their homes, people who lived in apartment buildings, and kids who lived in dorm rooms (which seemed to have been classified as businesses) encountered problems and some couldn’t place an order. It was not a very good place to start.

Also, they predicted that shipping it would take anywhere from 7-12 business days after it had been ordered. So you wouldn’t be ordering it if you thought you might have the Wuhan flu, because by the time you got it, you’d probably be better and it would sort of be irrelevant. It would need to be ordered in advance to ensure that you can use it.

So this government system is completely ineffective for people who need a test when they are sick because it wouldn’t get there in time and because now they can’t get the tests in the stores when they need them.

I completed one of the tests for my team, and then placed an order for this article. Now, you didn’t have an option to take fewer than four tests. You were not allowed to take more than four tests. So if you have a few family members, too bad, that’s it. It did arrive in time for me to receive it within six days. It arrived earlier than I expected towards the end of this week.

However, I was among the fortunate ones. According to reports, supply chain problems are the reason why millions of test results have been delayed. Millions have been stuck on pallets in a Monterey Park warehouse for many days. A delay in plane flights has also caused 25 million testing delays. XChange Logistics has also had 30% of its workforce with COVID. According to ABC, these tests are being delayed by iHealth. This is the company that I received mine and which 15 states currently have.

That raises another issue that became glaringly obvious to me when I looked at the back of the tests and saw where they came from – they’re made in China.

It was so shocking that I nearly choked upon seeing it. It’s almost impossible to find a test at a pharmacy, you can only get them from the government in an ineffective time if you are sick and then they’re from China? The people Joe Biden hasn’t even held accountable in any way for what they’ve done regarding COVID? So is Joe Biden is making China rich with these “free tests?” This is just incredible.

Here was Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), the ranking member of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee (HELP) asking if the Biden Administration could ensure that the tests weren’t coming from China and why they were making contacts with people who hadn’t done such things before?

Notice he didn’t get an answer to whether the tests would be made in China. We now know the reason. Richard Burr is being questioned by the courtesy telephone! These were your friends and I’m sure you will hold them accountable for this.

Congress should slap the Biden team on the back for this and demand an explanation of how many Chinese are involved and what China is making from this. Why is this more difficult government effort than making it simpler for pharmacies to order the necessary tests?

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