DISASTROUS! New York Times Defends Hike in Minimum Wage

The President Joe Biden has announced an increase in the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The New York Timesvoted for Big Government mandates.

This follows the bad economic news for Americans under the Biden regime: rapidly rising inflation, empty grocery store shelves and “a shrinking workforce.” 

It didn’t take long for the predictably liberal Times to applaud Biden’s decision to raise wages. Noam Scheiber, a reporter, sneeringly misquoted White House economists about the proposed minimum wage hike for federal contractors. 

White House economists agree with this beliefThis increase will not cause job losses in any significant way — a finding in line with recent research on the minimum wage — and that it is unlikely to cost taxpayers more money. They [also]The argument was that a higher wage will lead to increased productivity and lower turnover. [Emphasis added.]

These wonky “White House economists” and The Times must have missed the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that estimated a federal minimum wage increase would result in “1.3 million other workers … becom[ing] jobless.” Of course, The Times wasn’t the only outlet to back Biden and botch the numbers behind the CBO report.

The Times didn’t stop there, however. It continued to embarrass itself by citing “[a]Analyse by The Liberal Economic Policy Institute [(EPI), which] estimates that up to 390,000 workers will directly benefit.” [Emphasis added.] 

EPI, a far-left group that supports increasing minimum wages for many years, is openly supporting it. A Jan. 26th, 2021 article entitled Why the U.S. requires a $15 minimum wages made it a very corrosive assertion.

Low wages affect all workers but they are particularly detrimental to Black workers and workers of color. This is especially true for women of color and Black workers. It is due to structural racism and sexism that are rooted in economic chattel slavery.

Forbes claims that EPI was, as it should be, funded by George Soros, a radical billionaire. According to grant records, his Open Society Foundations actually gave $1,265,000 in 2017-19. The EPI Soros connections are even clearer. EPI’s website lists President of the Institute for New Economic Thinking Robert Johnson as one of its board members and denotes that he previously “served as managing director at Soros Fund Management and Bankers Trust Company.” Yet, despite these connections, EPI still claims it is a “nonpartisan” organization. Think about that.George Soros

U.S. Office of Personnel Management has also stated that civilian federal employees within the U.S. would be starting Jan. 30, 2022, at minimum $15 an hour.

Conservatives under attack. Contact The New York Times at (855) 698-1152 and demand it stop running cover for the Biden administration’s bad economic policies.

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