Hundreds of Students in California’s Central Valley Just Say No to Masks – Opinion

Oakdale, a city in California’s Central Valley that identifies itself as the “Cowboy Capital of the World,” is riding tall in the saddle as its properly parented youth are standing up to California’s onerous student mask mandates. Oakdale is in Stanislaus County, where the “S” stands for schadenfreude, as its residents take delight in pointing out the action is in response to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s refusal to wear a mask while attending last Sunday’s NFC Championship game in Inglewood. KCRA TV in Sacramento:

According to Superintendent Dave Kline, several hundred Oakdale Joint Unified Student District students went to school on Wednesday without wearing a mask.

Images of Gov. were cited by parents. The protest was inspired by Gavin Newsom’s maskless appearance at the 49ers-Rams game last weekend.

In an uncomfortably similar incident to the one described here by Jennifer Van Laar on Wednesday, a student received malicious treatment after refusing to wear a mask.

“Let your kids choose. Let all of us choose,” Jennifer Poth said.

The mask was not worn by Poth’s eight-year-old son on Tuesday. Poth received a phone call from school regarding it.

“They called me to ask me to pick him up, and I refused. I said, ‘No. It is your job to educate my son, and he has every right to be there,’” Poth said.

She was upset when she learned what happened next — to her son and another maskless student.

“They forced him to go outside in 43-degree weather and sit there and try to do schoolwork,” she explained.

For what it’s worth, the school superintendent apologized. The die was cast, and full-scale protest began. The protest was a success with just 200 students refusing to wear their masks on Wednesday. Schools in the area were left scrambling to find places for them in cafeterias.

Both the inane and ineffective attempts at slowing down COVID panicdemic are being criticized. This also shows why those of us who are conservatives living in California will not change. While big cities and insane policies dominate the news, Californians can be found to be just as hardworking, loving, and dedicated people without the steel and concrete Babylons. This is where we call home and will continue fighting to protect it. God bless Oakdale cowboys who did the same.

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