Huh? MSNBC Hypes Canada ‘Intervening’ With ‘Autocratic’ U.S.’s 2024 Election

Justin Trudeau will bravely lead his troops across the border in Indian garb to save America.

Will the American liberals, who always say they will move to Canada in case things go against them politically but never really vamoose, actually skedaddle?

The two questions were raised in the light of an MSNBC segment that Jonathan Capehart dedicated to panicked Canadians fearing Donald Trump.  Fiona Hill (a former Trump foreign policy adviser and Trump foe) was the guest.

Capehart used images taken from the Canadian newspaper to create the following: Globe and MailThe headline of this crazy op­ed was included in the article:

Because that is not all that I can do, I’d like to share some additional headlines. Globe and Mailhas issued a statement expressing concern about America’s current situation. One headline says it all Canadian intervention is possible if America’s next election shows that it is attempting violence and dictatorship. 



Hill added that Canada’s Trump-hating obsession with American politics was further evidenced by her testimony. Hill claimed that Canadians worry about refugees. Refugees from political conflicts are moving across the border.”Should Trumpism win in 2024?

So will 2024 be the year when America—finally—bids adios to celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Amy Schumer, and Lena Dunham, who all made noises about fleeing to the Great White North if Trump won in 2016? Don’t forget your faux beaver fur hats!  

On Jonathan Capehart’s MSNBC show, Canadian panic over Trumpism was sponsored in part by Panera and WeatherTech.

The transcript is here.

Sunday Show
10:29 am ET

JONATHAN CAPAPEHART: The creeping authoritarianism that is poisoning the politicocracy is not only a concern for Americans. A sobering opinion piece this week was written by our neighbours to the north Canada’s Globe and Mail Editor’s warning: Quote In 2022, the United States might be the most powerful force on the planet. Trumpism is the name of this dangerous force. 

Fiona Hill is a senior fellow at Brookings Institution’s foreign policy program. She was previously a senior director at National Security Council and the author of “There Is nothing for you Here.” 

Because that is not all that I can do, I’d like to share some additional headlines. Globe and MailThe headlines expressed concern over what is happening in America. One headline says it all Should Canada intervene if America’s next election shows that it is attempting violence and autocracy? 

Another: 2022 will be the year America crashes off a rock. “How will Canada survive?”

A second one is “Chaos coming to America. What will Canada be?”

Yes, there is some criticism about what I’m doing. Globe and Mail I am doing as well as the writers of these pieces. Never in a million of years have I believed that the United States’ stability would be at the forefront of our minds. They’re not the only ones, they aren’t?

FIONA HILL – They’re not the only ones. You can see that there is consternation all across Europe. Now, we appear to be exporting more chaos than just our own. The CanadiansYou are concerned because In fact, they are concerned about the refugees. They are concerned about political refugees crossing the border.Canadian friends were laughing with me about how many Americans will line up at the border in anticipation of their arrival in America in 2024. It’s more than a joke. 


HILL:Many people are worried about America’s future.

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