How To Remove Smoke Smell From Your Leather Couch

Furnishing your home invests it with your personality, your emotional commitment to your home as well as all your aspirations. Furniture is more than just stuff that does stuff, it has a meaning all of its own. A leather couch can bear the most distant memories, while performing the most mundane roles. Indeed, research shows interior decor can affect your emotions and moods. It’s disappointing then, when your leather couch starts to smell like old, nasty cigarette smoke. Sometimes, a piece of furniture can smell like this even if it looks very new. Thanks to some research, I figured out how to get rid of the smoke smell of a leather couch and I’ll share that research with you in this article.

There’s a lot of different opinions out there about how you can get rid of the smell of smoke. Some people suggest you wash the couch down with vinegar and let it dry. While others say that doing so will damage your leather couch. 

Nok-Out seems to be the best product out there for getting rid of smoke smells that have seeped into your leather couch. Not only is it an incredible product to use, it is a green cleaner made with toxicity-free chemicals, making it safe for your children and pets.

The first thing you have to do is reimagine what leather is. Leather is made from animal skin, so its pores are way deeper, closer and thicker than almost any other fabric you can imagine. Now, tobacco smoke and other doros can permeate leather’s pores, and overtime, if this isn’t dealt with, they can even permeate to the couch’s padding. This makes it such a huge job to try and get rid of the smell of smoke. Nok-Out should work for you, if you exercise patience and work diligently.

It will take time for results to show, especially if the smoke has penetrated deep into the couch into its padding. Be patient, work slowly and methodically. Have in mind the idea that you are getting rid of the smell of smoke for now and ever more.

Remove whatever pillows are on the couch. You’ll treat these when you are done with the couch. Wipe away any soil or other visible dirt on the couch. 

Douse the couch with Nok-Out, paying particular attention in your spraying to such things as decorative buttons, seams, and piping.

If your couch is in a room with an overhead fan, or if there’s sun outside, take the couch outside so it gets an airing.

Leave the Nok-Out on your couch while it dries.

Once the couch has dried, smell it to check if it still has the stench of smoke. If it does, repeat the above stages. 

Often, you will have to apply Nok-Out around four times. Throughout those applications, the smell of smoke will gradually go away.

When you are done, smell and sit on the couch. The sit and sniff test will tell you if you can put away the Nok-Out. Put the couch where it normally stays and check on it the next day. If there’s still a bad smell, then take it out again and apply more Nok-Out. Try and find where on the couch the smell is coming from and focus on that area. 

After this, gently apply some Nok-Out on the buttons, seams and surfaces to get rid of any odors that have risen to the surface.

Through oxidation, Nok-Out turns the smelly stuff into oxygen, releasing it into the air, and this can leave your room smelling like bad chlorine. So you’ll have to apply air freshener where you’re working or where the couch stays and open your windows. The smell will go away. So now you know what to do if ever your leather couch from Wellington’s Leather Furniture starts to smell of smoke.

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