How to Appoint Drivers for Your Fleet Company In 2021

Hiring a responsible and qualified employee is always a delicate affair because your employee represents your organization or business, and a terrible experience might jeopardize your reputation with potential consumers.

Likewise, the drivers you hire determine the quality of your fleet. You can use all of your money on the newest trucks and transportation technology, but it won’t help you if you can’t find and keep qualified drivers.

This is especially critical considering the current competitive hiring environment and driver scarcity. According to the American Trucking Associations’ most recent research, the US trucking sector would face a shortfall of 160,000 drivers by 2028 if current trends continue.

Fleet firms must continue to expand if they are to remain competitive. Fleets must guarantee that they attract and employ enough high-performing drivers to maintain this expansion.

Driving for a fleet firm is challenging, so make sure anybody you recruit is qualified and has the necessary skills and experience.

When looking for drivers, there are a few things to keep in mind, so here’s how to hire drivers for your fleet company:

1. Organize Interviews

Because your driver is effectively your company’s face, it’s critical to perform thorough interviews. An interview can offer you a sense of their personality while also elaborating on their background. Before hiring, you should conduct many interviews to ensure that you are a suitable fit for the position.

2. Examine their Driving Abilities

After you’ve interviewed applicants and gained a deeper grasp of their backgrounds, you’ll need to put their driving skills to the test. This is a requisite step in ensuring that they are a safe and comfortable driver. Try to gauge their comfort level and driving skills as best you can while they’re driving. You’ll have a better idea of who’s suitable for the job after conducting a driving test.

3. Conduct a background Investigation

A background check is an important stage in determining whether or not an applicant is trustworthy. A background check verifies a person’s identity, as well as their work history and criminal past. This is also the time to look at a candidate’s MVR.

What does an MVR check entail? An MVR check is a motor vehicle report that details a person’s driving history and is essential for ensuring their safety. Failure to conduct an MVR check is risky and can cost your firm a lot of money.

4. Verify that they have Mechanical Abilities.

Your driver will be on the road for lengthy periods and should deal with any mechanical problems that arise. If the automobile breaks down or something happens, they should repair it using basic mechanical knowledge. You can check final applicants’ competence by having them complete an automated knowledge test.

5. Check to see if they’re Tech Savvy.

A skilled driver should be technologically savvy and capable of using GPS navigation. If they take the wrong route or become disoriented, they should retrace their steps using technology. Long drives benefit significantly from having a GPS, so if the automobile does not already have one, make sure they get one.

6. Put their Customer Service Accomplishments to the Test

Communication with clients and suppliers is an integral part of driving for a fleet company. They are the ones who your consumers will remember because they are going. As a result, you’ll want to put their customer service talents to the test, which you may do using online tools. Maintaining a positive company reputation requires excellent customer service skills.

What is the Best Way to discover Professional Drivers?

Finding skilled drivers can be done in various ways, but email is the most professional way to communicate globally. Without fear of being conned, you can also contact specialists by email. As a result, experts from fleet companies and agencies prefer to share via email.

However, you must have your prospect’s professional email address to send an email. As a result, technology and a few forward-thinking businesses have made our lives easier. You can now find that email address using online email extractor tools.

For example, is an excellent example of an online email extractor tool because it allows you to quickly locate professional email addresses! It’s a valuable time-saver. It’s also a free email-finding tool that you may use to arrange your work more efficiently and effectively with its great updated features.

Find the Best Drivers by Putting the Pedal to the Metal

The perfect illustration of humans and machines working together is a fleet. Even if you have the best fleet, your business will suffer without competent drivers.

Fleet firms must change to retain the finest drivers. This includes investing time and resources in revamping their hiring methods to appeal to a larger workforce, developing a company culture that values drivers as team members, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to make their drivers’ lives easier and safer.

For example, request a BigRoad demo to discover more about how BigRoad’s solution may help with your driver retention campaigns.

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