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Helen Lee Schifter Shares Her Favorite Summer Colors to Wear

When summertime comes around, many people like former arbitrage trader Helen Lee Schifter are excited by the bright colors, and are looking to work them into their wardrobes. Picking colors that correctly emulate the feeling of warmth, happiness, and summer is important to keeping the mood of the season. Expressing oneself through their clothes is important and adding color to their favorite season is a good start to feeling good in what they wear.


Like flowers and the sun, yellow is a very bright color that will lighten up anyone’s wardrobe to a sunny, happy place. Pairing yellow with some shorts and sandals is a good look to go to the beach, or just bask in the sun. Yellow is the main color of summer, evoking the feeling of warmth that everyone loves about the season.


Red is another color that brings about warmth and happiness in warm weather. Like yellow, it keeps the feeling of bright, floral imagery in the minds of those wearing it. Red is a nice color to work into patterns, such as floral patterns, as mentioned, or even stripes or polka dots. Wear a nice bright red swimsuit to the pool this summer, and really bask in the rays!


As a very underrated color, orange is often overlooked as a good summer color. Bringing in elements from both yellow and red, orange brings together bright feelings of summer into one. Like oranges and popsicles, orange is a color that makes one think of the cool citrus, a symbol of the warm seasons.

Sky Blue

Though it may not seem like it, sky blue is a color that brings the beauty of the summer into your wardrobe. Looking up at a clear blue sky while sunbathing or swimming in a nice blue pool or lake is something many people experience throughout the season of summer, so incorporating it into clothing will bring a reminder of relaxation and joy that warm summer activities bring.

Bright Green

Seen in visuals of plants, fresh flowers, and freshly cut grass, green is also a beautiful summery color. Wearing a nice green, whether a solid or in a pattern, will bring a sense of livelihood to an outfit. Green is the color of nature, blooming and shining brightest throughout the summer season.

Wearing Colors for a Purpose

Adding bright colors to a wardrobe will not only provide for clothing diversity and many outfit choices but will allow people to have the choice of their mood for the day, just by choosing specific colors. When thinking of vibrant summery colors, thoughts automatically go to the joy of a warm, bright day in the summer months, where relaxation and happiness are key.
Even public figures, such as Helen Lee Schifter, subscribe to the idea that wearing color can improve a mood and emulate the feelings of summertime. Adding these colors to a summer closet is key in order to fully enjoy and experience summertime and its fashion.

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