Stargirl and the Seven Soldiers of Victory

Warning, this article may contain spoilers for the CW television series Stargirl.

Some viewers are wondering why even mention the Seven Soldiers of Victory in the 2020 series Stargirl created by Geoff Johns. Some viewers are hoping that they might make an appearance in season two, but as yet nothing, no one is saying anything about them. If they do make a reappearance, here is what you need to know.

Who They Are

The Seven Soldiers of Victory were a group of superheroes that both Stripesy and the Star-Spangled Kid joined sometime before 2010. There were six others in this group, which kind of makes sense when you consider Stripesy as a sidekick and the others as actual superheroes. This lesser-known group is similar to the Justice Society of America in that they were founded to fight crime, except much earlier than many other groups.

They are first introduced in episode 11 of the first season of Stargirl. This episode is called Shining Knight and highlights the former leader of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, Justin, who is The Shining Knight, and coincidentally the janitor at Stargirl’s high school. At this point in the series, not much is known or explained about these mysterious heroes, only that they exist.

In the comics, they did take on the “living weapon,” created by the Dragon King. They also briefly fought alongside the Justice Society of America.

The Members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory

The Seven Soldiers of Victory was made up of eight people.

The Shining Knight

He is the leader of the Seven Soldiers and the only member that is seen in Stargirl. He has been alive for around 1,000 years and wields the famous Excalibur as a weapon.


Sidekick of the Star-Spangled Kid and Starman. He is sometimes called the eighth member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

The Star-Spangled Kid

Also known as Sylvester Pemberton, he is one of the original versions of Starman.

Green Arrow

Also known as Robin Hood, viewers don’t know if there is a plan for an appearance by CW’s version of the Arrow. He is a normal albeit insanely wealthy archer.


Again crossover is a possibility with this character. He is a he in the photo but played by a female in more modern adaptations.

Crimson Avenger

He is sometimes called the eighth member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and is only shown in photographs in the Stargirl Series.


Wing is another sidekick and is often portrayed as a teenager or a child. He is the mentee of the Crimson Avenger.


Dressed as a cowboy, not much is mentioned about the vigilante despite him having an unmentioned sidekick as well. 

Although it is unknown that the Seven Soldiers of Victory will make a reappearance, they are mentioned again in the last episode of season one. The Shining Knight (Justin) participates in the final battle and later mentions that he is going off to find the Seven Soldiers. So there is a possibility of seeing more of them later in the series.

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