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5 Expert Tips on How to Find the Best Disability Lawyer

Are you having problems getting your disability claim approved? That isn’t surprising. Reports show that an average of 53% of all disability claims is denied.

You need all the help you can get if you’re having problems getting approved for disability. Follow the five expert tips below to find a disability lawyer who can help.

1. Find Someone Responsive

Your disability claim is a big deal. You’re going through the effort of finding a lawyer because you want your claim to be successful. The last thing you want is to find someone to handle your case and then never hear from them.

Ask about typical response times when speaking with lawyers. Ideally, try to find someone who has a 24 hour response time. Your lawyer should also be able to give you a timeline for your claim, so you know what to expect from the start.

2. Find the Real Lawyer Who Handles Your Case

You might speak with the head lawyer at a law firm when interviewing them. However, that doesn’t mean that they are the person who will handle the details of your case.

You don’t want to be caught by surprise when someone you’ve never met calls you to talk over your disability claim. Make sure you meet the person in charge of handling everything so you can vet them for the job.

3. Find Someone Trustworthy

The last thing you want to happen is for your lawyer to engage in shady tactics once they start your case. While most won’t engage in this behavior, there’s always the chance that you find the bad apple of the bunch.

Check your state bar association’s website to check your lawyer’s disciplinary record. A single mark might not be a big deal, but it should make you think twice about hiring someone.

4. Look for References

The sales-speak from a social security disability lawyer will only tell you so much about working with them. They can say all the right things but still not be the right fit for the job. That’s why learning from past clients is essential to finding a lawyer for social security disability.

If you don’t want to ask a lawyer for referrals, you can check online to see online reviews. There are many places online that allow users to rate their experience with lawyers, so use those reviews to find someone highly rated.

5. Find a Disability Expert

There are numerous law fields out there, and it’s hard for one lawyer to be an expert in all of them. Most lawyers specialize in specific areas. When you look for assistance, make sure you find an SSI disability lawyer who has plenty of history.

Ask about your lawyer’s past work and their success. If they have a history of winning disability cases, the chances are that they are an excellent fit for your case.

Do Your Due Diligence When Hiring a Disability Lawyer

Having expert help during the disability claim process is essential if you aren’t getting results independently. Find a disability lawyer with experience who has success getting results for their clients. The right help can mean the difference between winning and losing your claim.

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