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‘Ricky and Morty’ Creator Enrages Woke Twitter by Declaring ‘Extremism Is Bad’ on Right and Left

‘Ricky and Morty’ Creator Enrages Woke Twitter by Declaring ‘Extremism Is Bad’ on Right and Left

“justin roiland…. nazi?”

Justin Roiland, co-creator of Adult Swim animated TV show “Rick and Morty,” outraged liberal denizens of Twitter by suggesting that extremism was found both sides of the political spectrum.

Roiland’s purported offense was the tweeting out to his 725,000 followers of a screenshot from a College Fix article about “whiteness studies” professor Robin DiAngelo, along with a caption offering up a seemingly uncontroversial observation:

“Extremism is bad no matter what ideology you adopt,” the animator wrote.

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During a Boston University lecture last month, DiAngelo endorsed the idea that white people who see others as individuals, instead of identifying people by their skin color, are “dangerous,” according to a report in the College Fix.

Roiland’s comments, which appeared to label DiAngelo as an extremist, incensed liberal commenters on social media, many of whom happened to be white.

“justin roiland…. nazi?,” tweeted white-presenting journalist Seth Simons. “why I will have to restructure my entire worldview to accommodate this.”

“So what you’re actually saying is you want to make sure that people know there really is no difference between you and the worst of the Rick and Morty fans,” wrote Twitter user Bromona Quimby, who, according to his profile picture, also presents as a white man.

Quimby appeared to accuse Roiland of “white fragility.”

Another commenter warned that she didn’t want to be forced to “cancel” Roiland’s popular animated show.

“I don’t wanna have to cancel Rick and morty,” the Twitter user wrote. “This isn’t extreme at all, saying you don’t see color is a micro aggression, and part of what keeps racism alive. You’re going to have to revisit your understanding of racism.”

Roiland addressed the backlash generated by his initial tweet in a followup.

“The thing I posted is both a reference to the crazy lady and her lecture as well as the crazy website the article apparently was featured on,” he wrote. “All extremes are crazy. Just be good to each other. We are all human. we all feel. We all die. Kindness to each other is all we have.”

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It might be surprising to see Roiland set upon so fiercely by progressives considering what past controversies might indicate about his political sympathies. Conservatives lambasted him in 2018 after he shared a nude drawing of Barron Trump to Twitter.

Some might see Roiland as the victim of what detractors call the authoritarian or illiberal left – a vocal segment of radically progressive liberals who refuse to countenance any deviation from politically correct orthodoxy.

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