MSNBC Hosts Lose Control of Dem Debate When Mics Fail – Trump Takes Over With Brutal Meme

President Donald Trump mercilessly trolled MSNBC after technical difficulties temporarily derailed its Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday night.

During the second hour of the debate in Miami, audio issues interrupted moderator Chuck Todd as he was about to ask Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts about gun control. On stage, Warren and her fellow Democrats looked around in apparent confusion. Muffled voiced could be heard offscreen.

“What’s happening?” fellow moderator Rachel Maddow asked.

“We are hearing our colleague’s audio,” Todd said. “If the control room could turn off the mics of our previous moderators.”

“We prepared for everything. We did not prepare for this,” Maddow added.

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Todd then cut to commercial break.

Trump rides “Crazy Train” through the Democratic debate

On Thursday morning, the president shared a meme of himself appearing to take over the Democratic debate. He commented: “Thank you @MSNBC, real professionals!,” tagging Maddow and Todd.

In the edited video, MSNBC’s real-life mic issues expand into a full-blown blackout. Then, as Ozzy Ozbourne’s “Crazy Train” blares, Trump emerges from the darkness and triumphantly strides onto stage. The footage was taken from the 2016 Republican National Convention.

The clip, which has been viewed over 1.5 million times, ends with Trump’s 2020 campaign logo appearing on screen. Trump officially launched his reelection bid last week.

Trump started mocking the Democratic debate before it even started. On Wednesday, he called out MSNBC’s “technical breakdown” on Twitter in real-time, saying it proved the network and its sister channel NBC are a “FAKE NEWS Organization.”

Earlier in the afternoon, Trump summed up the event with a one-word tweet: “BORING.”

In a morning interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Trump predicted: “It just seems very boring, but I’m going to watch it because I have to. That’s part of my life.”

“Do I want to watch it? Do I want to watch these people?” he added. “It’s a very unexciting group of people.”

He also suggested that Twitter and Facebook are suppressing his accounts and said the United States should sue the internet giants.

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Post-debate press coverage acknowledged that there had been few noteworthy moments. A second debate with the other half of the 20-candidate Democratic field is scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday.

Trumping the media

In between tweets trashing MSNBC and the Democratic candidates, Trump shared another meme based on a 2018 Time magazine cover, which suggested he would still be president in 2048.  The video has been viewed nearly 23 million times.

Trump’s Twitter outbursts have been widely bemoaned, including by some of his supporters. However, both as a candidate and in office, tweeting has helped Trump dominate the national spotlight.

Analysts have noted that a small fraction of voters follow Trump on Twitter, and his base is especially underrepresented on the platform. So, it is the media’s coverage of his tweets that makes them so powerful.

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