Glenn Youngkin Gives Parents a Weapon in the Fight to Protect Their Children – Opinion

It is essentially a gamble that your child will be able to enter the modern world of public education. It is possible to find a teacher willing to help your child become more productive and secure adult. Or, it might be that they are influenced by ideologues who brainwash your child to believe radicalized nonsense.

RedState has reported story after story of leftist political radicals that have infiltrated our public education system in one way or another and have begun the process of turning your child away from being a free-thinking individualist and toward being a loyal and useful idiot who believes what they’re told and repeats the lines and talking points they’re ordered to without hesitation or question.

It’s this fear that caused many Virginians to vote in Republican Glenn Youngkin in a state that has been blue for some time. The Democrats were determined to keep brainwashing your children, to the extent that they would deny the rape of any girl by a transgender boy.

This includes the widening of the gap between students and their parents, making teachers the primary decision-makers in a child’s education. Teachers were often told that they didn’t have to inform the parents of anything their child was learning or what kind of behavior they were exhibiting in the school.

But Youngkin is making it his mission to close that gap, and he’s starting with a tip line that allows parents to report teachers who are attempting to radicalize their children or doing something overtly political.

Youngkin appeared on the “John Fredericks Show” where he explained the new setup:

“We have set up a particular e-mail address, called [email protected]. We invite parents to contact us if they have any concerns that their fundamental rights may be violated or if their children aren’t being treated with respect. We’re asking for input right from parents to make sure we can go right to the source as we continue to work to make sure that Virginia’s education system is on the path to reestablish excellence. We will raise standards. We are going to have the largest education budget in the history of Virginia; we are going to raise teacher pay; we are going to invest in facilities; we are going to invest in special education for kids with disabilities; we’re going to get Critical Race Theory and other divisive teaching practices out of the schools, and we’re going to press forward on our charter school agenda big-time. This is what I ran on and this is what we are going to work every day to make happen.”

Youngkin explained that the hotline was a method of gathering information that could be used to refine policies or draft bills. This would further reduce the leftist radical attempt to control the school and brainwash children.

“We all know this: that parents have a fundamental right in Virginia to make decisions with regard to their kids’ education, their upbringing, and their care,” Youngkin said. “There is no one better positioned to look after the health and well-being of their child than their parents. … If there’s one thing that hopefully everybody heard in November it’s that it is time to listen to parents.”

To be sure, Democrats don’t seem to have learned the lesson Youngkin attempted to teach them at all. Education “experts” seem to think parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s education, and in their more honest moments, Democrats agree. Media even attempts to promote that story.

Many in the public education system seem to believe it’s their responsibility to teach kids what to think instead of how. Youngkin’s tactic is just a first step in parents being able to correct that false assumption.

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