Glenn Greenwald Ridicules Axios Observation That Democrats ‘Are Becoming’ Party of Wealthy Elites – Opinion

Let’s first go bottom-line.

Six decades ago, The Democrat Party built a political model that allowed wealthy elites to vote (see George Soros manipulate useful idiots (principally, Democrat politicians and liberal media sock puppets) who in turn do whatever is necessary to program (lie their asses off to) low-information voters— many of them willfully so — to support initiatives solely constructed to keep the elites in power.

Lyndon Baines Johnson’s so-called “War on Poverty” — a colossal failure that led far more people ToMore poverty than It is out — illustrates the above two objectives perfectly.

The Democrat elitist goal of not only creating a permanent majority underclass but a majority underclass that would “permanently” vote Democrat was achieved — spectacularly so. A large majority of black voters vote Democrat every time they go to the polls. This has been true for 60 years.

Perfect example: While black Americans comprise just 13.4 percent of the total U.S. population, in the 2016 presidential election blacks cast 24 percent of Democratic primary votes — the largest share ever. An astonishing 89% of black voters voted in support for Hillary Clinton during the general election.

Finally, here’s the true genius of the Democrat Party model:

Democrat politicians have convinced the strong majority of black voters that, while they (Democrats) haven’t delivered on most of their promises (which they never intend to deliver in the first place), things would be far worse if the Democrats weren’t around to protect them from the “evil” Republicans.

Basically, we can see that the upper crust in the Democrat Party is exploiting voters with low information to keep them power.

Enter, Glenn Greenwald.

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, among the best on the planet, in my not-so-humble opinion, blasted left-“leaning” Axios on Wednesday over the latter’s “shocking revelation” that the Democrat Party is as I described it above. That’s pretty close. As Axios put it in a piece titled The Great RealignmentThe Democrats These are BeingThe party that is upscale America.

AXIOS: “We’re seeing a political realignment in real time.” [sic]

“Dems are becoming the party of upscale voters concerned more about” social issues.

GOP is “quietly building a multiracial coalition of working-class voters.”

Wait— haven’t the Democrats told America for decadesThat TheyAre you the party for the working class? And, by “social issues,” Democrats today primarily refer to on-demand abortion until birth, same-sex marriage, gender, and pronoun self-identification.

Greenwald was only just beginning. Referring to an article in the New York Times titledRepublicans Honour Diverse Recruitments in Bide to Win House Majority he ridiculed the hypocrisy of the “corporate press” for its narrative to the contrary:

The corporate media propagates the narrative that Trump’s GOP is white supremacist and a party dedicated to creating a white nationalistic dictatorship. However, Latino voters rush to the GOP as the GOP boasts its largest ever class in 2022.

The Times article was primarily focused on Arizona Republican Juan CiscomaniCurrently, he is running for a seat in the House of Representatives with a strong focus on border security and inflation and an appeal for unity. He was elected to represent a district that has been evenly populated by independent, Democrat and Republican voters.

Axios had it right in this regard:

According to my December 2021 report, Hispanics are leaving the Democrat Party at an alarming rate. An unpublished poll revealed that 42 percentHispanic Voters have been moving away from Democrats toward the Republican Party in recent years. This is a profound fact. It is as heinous as it gets, yet profound all the same.

In addition, a Rasmussen survey at the time found that 48 percent of Hispanics would support a generic Republican on the ballot if the 2024 presidential election were held “today,” compared to 46 percent for a generic Democrat. This is a stark contrast to the situation three years ago. yuuge deal indeed.

Translation: The Democrat goal for a permanent underclass of the Democrat party isn’t going to come true.

Greenwald correctly noted that the Democrat Party relies on “a slice of well-off socially liberal voters and as such have “a bigger advantage among white college graduates than nonwhite voters” — the exact kind of people who work in national media and hence drive the Democrats’ “false narratives.”

And here’s the key: Without a strong plurality of independent voters and minority voters behind them, the Democrats can push fake news and false narratives to their disingenuous (at best) hearts’ content, and ultimately, freedom-loving Americans will prevail.

Bottom line:

While Axios was correct in its observation that the Republican Party is building a multiracial coalition, like all “good” left-wing “news” outlets, it’s The rest of this story that is newsworthy — which Axios “forgot” to include. Millions of minority voters — including black voters — continue to abandon the Democrats and their decades of hollow promises and bald-faced lies.

Meanwhile, those “upscale voters” appear more concerned with pushing insanity like male menstruation, gender and pronoun self-identification, and on-demand abortion until birth.

Many conservatives shared their frustration, anger and resignation with me. They also realized that America is losing the rabid Left; it’s too late for the Ship of State to be saved. I get it.

But, while I’m more of a pragmatist — a Realism — than a pie-in-the-sky optimist, I reject the notion that it’s too late to save the country we love. While the odds are stacked against them, America’s decent, moral and hardworking nature will triumph in the end.

Oh, and for starters, let’s not screw up the 2024 presidential election.

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