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Californian parents removed their children from school this morning as protest against the state governor. Gavin Newsom ordered COVID mandates to vaccines in schools.  I was coerced by another parent to go to the protest at district office to support those who oppose these insane mandates.  About a dozen to twelve parents were holding signs outside the school district offices when I reached them at 11 AM.  Many of them had their children, probably because they were keeping them from school today.  The school district offices are located down the street from an industrial area, which reduces attention that a demonstration like this might draw.

Parents, students and teachers held up signs to speculate about whether anyone would visit us from their district.  There wasn’t much chanting or ruckus, aside from the occasional cheer of excitement generated by the tooted horn of approval from a passing car.  All were extremely friendly, peaceful, and respectful.

The messages of teachers and parents were confusing and varied. It was hard to understand what each group stood for.  Many were discussing vaccines, while others spoke about privacy. It was difficult to determine what each person wanted.  It felt like chanting wasn’t being done, only because they couldn’t decide on a uniform message which to spread.

One lady was a teacher and she spoke about PCR testing, and mRNA vaccinations. She uttered what amounted misinformation in order to support her argument.  After she started to be engaged by other parents, I saw the spread of misinformation and felt it best to step in.  No, the vaccines don’t alter your DNA.  The PCR test does not place anything into your body.

Another parent was railing against the vaccines as “dangerous for children.”  Certainly, there are risks associated with the vaccine (as I will discuss later), but the idea that the vaccines carry a risk any greater than that of COVID-19 themselves is, in itself, misinformation.  The long-term side effects of Myocarditis are a well-documented, but unlikely, consequence of vaccines.  There is currently no treatment for Myocarditis.

The lack of cohesion and unity was what frustrated me.  Even though everyone was against the mandate to vaccines, everyone had their own reasons. They wanted everybody to be able to understand their arguments and justify participating in this protest.  I just wasn’t having it.

Finally in speaking up, I said, “We can all be here for our different reasons, but we do not have to make things up or spread misinformation to make our point.  We have the facts and data to support our position.  Many people will lose their lives by getting bogged down in the details of vaccine side effects, as well as other false or speculative claims.  Simple is best.  ABC,123.  Three points.  Three points.  Is it true? Are those vaccinations required in a jurisdiction?  Is that true?  Then no, I will not comply.”

This is it.  This should be defended.  Tell them that while they may be requiring that you get something with the possibility of harming you, they also don’t accept any responsibility for such potential issues.  Although we’re concerned about the fact that flu-like illness has resulted in fewer deaths than the previous flu season (2018), the reality is that we don’t consider the possible long-term implications of mitigation efforts. We also decide not to hold them responsible for any negative consequences.  It would be no more different than me driving my car outside of the bounds of the law with a sign on the front that says I’m not liable for accidents.

If you’re going to require me to take a shot, you’re also going to make the manufacturer of that shot or the jurisdiction requiring it liable for any damage that occurs.  Otherwise, you’re creating a discrepancy to which there is no legal recourse.

Be simple.  Don’t be vague.  Ask them to explain their position and defend it.  You are allowed to refuse.

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