Gavin Newsom Measuring the Drapes at the WH? – Opinion

Joe Biden is out of the country, making us embarrassed in Israel. You can read our reports here on some of his bizarre statements.

Meanwhile, the media seems to be increasingly throwing him under the bus and talking about how even most Democrats don’t want him to run again in 2024. Biden refused to answer a reporter’s question about this. I’m not even sure Biden is going to make it to 2024.

Yet, people are jostling for the next position without regard to Kamala Harris.

Among those people thinking they have a shot is the guy my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell likes to refer to as “Gov. Hair Gel” — California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Newsom traveled to Washington, D.C., in order to receive an award at The National Forum of Education Policy. There, he received the Frank Newman Award of State Innovation on behalf of California, according my colleague Levon Saamian. It’s incredible that anyone would give him any award regarding children given how long he locked things down and harmed their education. His efforts were “transformative” alright — transformatively bad.

What is the best way to know that Newsom wants the White House. He protests he’s not interested, but he’s already picking fights with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a name that’s often used to refer to the Republican nominee.

That didn’t end well, with DeSantis laying Newsom out in response, as this Newsmax video shows.

But while Newsom was in D.C. to accept the educational award, he was also going to the White House for “meetings.” Fox LA’s Elex Michaelson captured him on his way in for a meeting with Jill Biden. He’s also supposed to have meetings there on gun control, abortion, and climate change, among other subjects.

It looks as though Hair Gel was trying to measure drapes at White House. The reporter even asks him, “How does this look?” And meeting with Jill Biden? What would it mean? Is she Edith Wilson 2.0 — the real handler? Are these interviews for job candidates?

Astonishingly, this is the kind of guy whose name people are bandying about — one who was almost recalled, one who locked down his state for so long. This is a reflection of the Democratic bench’s inability to solve the Joe Biden problem and the lack of value they place on doing the right job for his people. Due to high taxes, high criminality, and lack freedom many people flee California and head for Texas.

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