Final Four Crowd Roars During Patriotic, Pre-Game Moment – Opinion

As part of a yearly, March Madness tradition, all four of the NCAA men’s college basketball teams competing in the final round were represented on the court before gameplay started on Saturday afternoon. From Saturday to Monday, the tournament’s final round will be played at Caesars Superdome, New Orleans. It features the University of North Carolina teams, Villanova University, Duke University and the University of Kansas.

It’s traditional for students from the participating schools to perform our national anthem together, as a show of good sportsmanship in advance. The coolest part is the fact that every singer is also a student-athlete.

Villanova was the swimmer.

UNC had one of their football players, seen here with the school’s director of athletics, Bubba Cunningham.

Duke had one of its women’s soccer players.

Kansas even had a member of the foursome who was a professional golfer.

But on Saturday, as the students sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” something special happened (at about the :45 mark in the video below), while broadcasting on the big screens inside the arena, that caused the crowd to loudly roar.

This was an inspiring moment filled with patriotic pride. And there was another positive sign — no one was kneeling at any point.

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