Fanatical Abortion Protesters Go Full ‘Leroy Jenkins’ in Response to Probable Roe Overturning – Opinion

Democrats are convinced that the possible overturning Roe v. WadeIf a draft is not leaked, it will take place in the following month.

Perhaps in an alternate universe where left and right co-existed on a moderate response like codifying abortion for up to 15 weeks, this might be possible. I’d oppose such a measure because I’m pro-life across the board, but I can at least understand the political argument. If those were the battle lines, most Americans would agree with that position.

That’s not the universe we live in, though. Instead, the world we live in is one that Sen. Chuck Schumer (and his party) are proposing to codify federally. RoeIt allows abortion during and up to the point of birth. Further, the fanatics have come out to play, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Here’s a sampling of some of the insanity that took place on Saturday, coming on the heels of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s mental breakdown on camera. Is this what most Americans would support for the midterms?

You will see that these videos are not from the fringes of the Democrat Party. Instead, they represent the extremist pro-abortion movement at the heart of current left-wing politics. Mainstream Democrats, whoever that is these days, may want to run from this stuff, but they can’t. It’s what they promote and it’s what they want to codify into law at the federal level. Yes, it’s crazy and incredibly uncomfortable to watch, but this is who they are. They will not let you run.

Is it possible to believe, in light of this fact, that lunatics who consider killing children at birth a religious sacrifice, will somehow win the majority’s support for November? Nothing about the left’s response to this makes me believe it will do anything but further alienate normal Americans. Contrary to what I believe, the majority of Americans think abortion should be legalized in the first trimester. However, there is a large majority who oppose it thereafter. But when push comes to shove, are they going to side with the people dancing around, screaming about murdering “the little bastard” or with Republicans who are simply saying “let the states decide?” If we are betting on how that will go, I know where I’m putting my money.

Democrats may continue to point out polls that appear to show majority support for their candidate RoeHowever, the reality is that most Americans don’t know what it means. Roe does. The coming months will make clear that its overturning doesn’t end abortion completely, but simply allows what the majority support, which is a ban after the first trimester. This issue has been a secret for decades by Democrats. They won’t be able to do so anymore, and in the process, they are laying bare exactly who they are. Expect the nation to fall, and that the GOP performs better than expected in the mid-term elections.

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