Pro-Abortion Activists to Make Last-Ditch Effort to Preserve Roe v. Wade – Opinion

Progressive activists plan to start a campaign to get at least one Supreme Court justice on their side to overturn their previous ruling Roe V. Wade. After Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion on the matter was leaked to the public, a fiery debate erupted across the nation about abortion and the federal government’s role in regulating the practice. It appears that Justice Samuel Alito’s 1973 ruling is being overturned by the Supreme Court. The pro-abortion group is trying to make sure states don’t decide on how they handle the matter.

The Washington Times reported:

The leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion that would overturn the constitutional right to abortion gave liberal activists a rare chance to change the minds of the high court’s most conservative justices before a final opinion is handed down.

They jumped at the chance and made a direct attack on the justices. The address of five justices that would reverse the 1973 Roe V. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in the United States, was publicized quickly.

Experts are recommending that the protests won’t change the result. Justice Clarence Thomas defiantly announced he would not be “bullied” into changing his abortion stance. It is anticipated that the court will issue its ruling no later than June 27.

These activists still plan to continue to try to get at least one court member to change their mind. Protests were held in front the Supreme Court. However, the protests are now being organized in large cities throughout the country by progressives. The organizers said The Washington TimesProtests will be held for the next at most two weeks.

“This is what we need to do to create such an upsurge, such an outpouring of fury, that they are compelled to respond to our demands,” said abortion rights organizer Sunsara Taylor, who is helping to organize “a week of resistance” with a group called Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights.

Leftists are also planning to protest at churches on Mother’s Day. The Leftists are optimistic that they will be able to make a difference despite not having a ruling yet.

“The leaked decision is a draft,” Taylor said. “It is not yet law. Everybody who does not want to see the state have the right to hijack women’s bodies, and force them to have children against their will, needs to raise their voices and get out in the streets non violently and make it clear to the Supreme Court and every other institution that we refuse to accept the loss of abortion rights.”

An activist group called “Ruth Sent Us” is planning to protest at the homes of five Justices who support overturning Roe. The addresses of the five Justices who supported Roe were made public after the draft opinion had been published. White House press secretary, when questioned about President Joe Biden’s opinion on protesting at the Justices’ homes, appeared to defend those planning to protest. “I think our view here is that peaceful protest, there’s a long history in the United States, in the country, of that, and we certainly encourage people to keep it peaceful and not resort to any level of violence,” she said.

Conservatives have roundly criticized the revealing of the Justices’ addresses, pointing out that it represents a threat to their safety. Senator John Cornyn (Republican from Texas) introduced legislation that would expand protection details for judges and their families. He insisted they “have already been threatened with violence” which jeopardizes the court’s judicial independence.

Some others suggested that the decision be issued earlier to quell protests and possible violence. Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, argued that “The best way to address this would be to say, we are not going to leave this decision hanging out there for you to bully the whole court for the next two months” and suggested that they “just issue it quickly.”

It doesn’t take a prophet or a sage to understand that all this is but hopeless thinking from progressive activists. The likelihood that justices would be forced to submit on the basis of such an important ruling is very unlikely. It is not surprising that Leftists have criticized justices who are in favor of overturning the ruling. RoeThis only worsens the problem. This puts them at risk of some crazy person using violence to protect federal abortion control. They insist on going with the flow. At this point, however, it is clear that the votes are cast and abortion decisions will revert to the states, whether they like or not.

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