Eric Swalwell Gets Eaten Alive by Left When He Accidentally Says Something Right About the NRA – Opinion

We’ve seen what happens when someone on the left says something that the left doesn’t like — for instance, when Bette Midler managed to say something right for once about how the term “women” is being phased out. What was hilarious was Midler didn’t seem to understand it was the folks on the left who were attacking her in response to her tweet — those same people who were behind the canceling of the term. Unfortunately, the rebuke from the left is not going to move her from her hard-left stance, even if she got one tweet right and even Twitter helped to prove her point with their reaction to her tweet avoiding defining “women.”

But it shows how just saying one thing the left doesn’t like will have them descend on you like carrion birds, to make sure that you adhere to the liberal orthodoxy. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D. CA) discovered that when he tweeted the NRA.

“Please stop blaming the NRA for mass shootings,” Swalwell said. “The NRA may fund candidates but the NRA does not have a vote in Congress. *ELECTED* Republican members of Congress do. And they are keep voting against our kids and voting for their killers.”

While most of that tweet is ridiculous in trying to blame the Republicans, there is one thing that was right in what he said — that people shouldn’t “blame the NRA” for mass shootings. Mass shootings are not the responsibility of NRA members, as they defend gun rights. But that doesn’t stop the left from constantly blaming them for shootings, even if it doesn’t make any sense. The NRA provides that focal point. They haven’t come to grips with the reality — that it’s the American people who believe in the Constitution and the Second Amendment behind the support for gun rights, not just some interest group.

But let’s acknowledge that in any race of who is the dumbest person in Congress, Swalwell would have to be right up there as a finalist. That tweet could have been a warning to him. He was going to get rolled by the left for saying “Please stop blaming the NRA.” And indeed he did, courtesy of leftist author Sarah Kendzior. In the leftist world, the NRA — which has nothing to do with any of the shootings these folks are claiming they’re upset by — are responsible because they advocate for gun rights. But daring to say “stop blaming the NRA” even accidentally is a no-no, in the twisted mentality of the left.

Swalwell also made a mistake by muttering loudly the quiet portion. He explains to her the real point of every issue — that it’s about getting Democrats elected.

Translation: We’ll even use mass shootings against kids to try to get you to vote for us.

But Kendzior wasn’t buying it.

She didn’t hold back on him and that started to make him upset, as she continued to attack. He doesn’t get the left will eat their own if you don’t do everything they say. This is the environment he’s helped to create.

But Swalwell’s effort to assuage her anger just seemed to make it worse, as Kendzior then accused him of being a hypocrite.

Swalwell lost patience with her.

No, it’s just that she has your number — you Democrats are always about the votes. She then compared Josh Hawley to him with the next tweet. Horrors!

He was satisfied with the result, and she compared him to Hawley.

The funny thing about this is that they’re both bonkers when it comes to this and other issues. Swalwell helped to create that intolerant attitude of “You must adhere to the narrative” that she’s now goring him with, so he’s being hoisted with his own petard and that’s glorious. More, please. But this is happening because they’re getting desperate. They realize they’re about to lose badly and they don’t know what to do about it.

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