CBS, NBC Team With Lefty Illinois Mayor to Demand Guns Be Focus of Shooting Aftermath

In the aftermath of Monday’s Fourth of July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois that left six dead and dozens hurt, CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today partnered Tuesday with Mayor Nancy Rotering (D) as the latter called for the discussion of the suspect’s disturbing social media history (and thus the missed warning signs) “to be diminished”Instead, focus on banging “weapons of war.”

Rotering was first seen on NBC. After being asked about the case, Hoda Koptb, cohost of NBC’s Today Show, noted that nine years ago Rotering appeared. “signed an assault weapons ban that was in place and is in place,” meaning it didn’t prevent the shooting.



Questioned if she knew “where the gun may have come from,” Rotering went replied she was unsure before shifting focus to gun control: “

[A]This nation should have an open conversation about weekly incidents involving the deaths of many people who were legally armed. If that’s what our laws stand for, then I think we need to re-examine the laws.

Kotb pulled this off by lobbing a softball.

What does it think — what does it tell you about us as a nation? There are too many shootings. There was — at a grocery store, fourth graders at a school. What does this — what does this tell you about our country?

Rotering went unchallenged as she lashed out at those who disagree with her city’s views on gun control, smearing Americans as having “values” This “are askew” To the extent that they were deprived of their Fourth of July happiness by millions of Americans.

“[B]This gun culture has caused our country to turn its back and stop celebrating our achievements. As a nation, we must have an open and honest conversation with each other…[I]t’s one of those things where you ask yourself: If this reflects the values of who we are, then what does that say about us as a nation,”Elle added.

Kotb tried to turn the focus back to the investigation, but Rotering not only dismissed the idea of talking about the warning signs, but she called for discussion of the suspect’s social media to “be diminished.” What’s clear, Rotering argued, was that the deranged individual “had a — a mental breakdown” “weapons of war” His hatred was only amplified.

Once again, Kotb didn’t pushback and instead had run out of time. Craig Melvin, her co-host, praised Kotb for offering a solution. “[s]triking — striking commentary…about where we are as a country.”

Prior to the interview, national correspondent Tom Llamas reported from Highland Park that at least some residents feel different than the mayor because “there is a lot of anger here because residents say the shooter was troubled for a long time and the content in those social media videos are more than just red flags,” but instead “announcements of what was to come” and thus “many feeling this one could have been stopped.”

Over on CBS, correspondent Kris Van Cleave alluded to the suspect’s social media profile, reporting that the “aspiring musician” had videos with “disturbing images alluding to gun violence.”

Rotering was the one who started the 8:00 am Eastern hour. He claimed again that his posts on social media were being discussed. “glorifying” He was the victim of an attack. So, the attack and him were what needed to be our focus. “weapons of war” These have led to “a unique[ly] American issue”Gun violence

All the while, co-host Nate Burleson could be heard offering interjections of agreement (click “expand”):

ROTERING: We need to have a very real, national conversation about why we’re okay with allowing weapons of war on our streets and why we’re okay with weekly — having mass shootings. The mayors of Toledo — of Dayton, the mayor of Buffalo, several other mayors have reached out. None of them believe it will occur in their community. We need to question why this is becoming so common in the United States. 

BURLESON, Mayor. We have a problem regarding these people who are filled with anger in our communities and commit domestic terrorism. What do you believe needs to be done, given the fact as Gayle mentioned, you — you knew this individual when he was young? He’s not the only one. 


BURLESON – What can we do to get these children to stop committing these types of crimes at an early age? 

ROTERING: It’s actually a few things. First, it is obvious that we must provide more mental health services. In the recent decades, we’ve seen them drastically cut. We must ask ourselves why people in other civilized countries in the world do not commit such crimes. 


ROTERING: We know that this is a unique American issue —


ROTERING: — and that’s why we need to take necessary steps. All of the weapons used in mass shootings were legally acquired. We should take this as a signal that laws are working. If you see a community coming together in celebration of freedom and independence you don’t need to be concerned about your safety. That’s not what this nation is about — 


ROTERING: — and we need to do something about it. 

Tuesday’s sermons downplaying missed warning signs in favor of taking people’s guns away was brought to you by advertisers such as Citi and Nature’s Bounty. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

Click here for CBS and here to view the transcripts starting July 5th.

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