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Elon Musk made sure that the name Elon Musk was spoken often over the last few months. His actions of the past few weeks will give you a far better picture of the man’s work in today’s world if you hadn’t heard of him before.

RedState has been closely following Musk’s story and Twitter from many angles. Here is just a sampling from yesterday…

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There are many perspectives and opinions about Musk’s decision to purchase Twitter and make it private. However, a Facebook conversation I had with a friend led me to pause.

What if some of Elon musk’s critics have a valid point?

Now, I’m going to be the first person to admit I’m one of those who have come late to know anything more than cursory information about the Tesla founder. My colleague and cohort on RedState’s Wednesday night VIP Gold show, Scott Hounsell, has followed Musk for years and is able to call some of the moves that Elon makes before he publicly announces them. Although I don’t know what this man is thinking, it’s a lot of fun watching him tick off the right people.

Brandon’s piece gives a good overview of the differences between them in his post above. From his post above…

For those supporting Musk’s buyout of Twitter, they want something very simple; the ability to say what they want without fear of being suspended or banned. They want to be able to have conversations and make points without having to obey the guidelines laid down by their political/ideological opposites.

This means that there is a greater willingness to have honest conversations and less need for ideological oversight.

What those who are against the buy are saying is that they would rather not allow people to say what they want, how they want, when they want, because some people will utilize that to spread “misinformation” that threatens our “Democracy.”

At least, that’s their excuse. What they actually seem to be afraid of isn’t the spread of “misinformation,” it’s the fact that very soon they’ll lose their handicap on this course and will have to have their ideas and declarations weighed and measured in an environment where it won’t be protected.

They’re being made equal and they don’t like it.

Many of the arguments made by the left cannot exist in a vacuum. Outside opinions can quickly deflate arguments. For years, Twitter has been complicit in keeping certain arguments from making their way into the mainstream and given Twitter’s status as the de facto town square (as Elon Musk called it) that has polluted the national conversation on many a topic.

So the reason I’m even exploring this is that I believe I and a lot of other people in this country don’t critically think as we should.  I’m not saying that Elon Musk is doing anything wrong here — he could be as pure as the driven snow in his motives with this. But we shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, and to try to consider all perspectives.

Going back to my friend’s piece on Facebook I was not offended at all that some people were not fans of what Musk was doing with his Twitter buyout attempt or of him in general. However, some of the critics were pure absurdity and reminded of what I saw when Putin invaded Ukraine in February and March. It was the Ukraine invasion that proved me, along with some comments made by those claiming to know or have access to bunk information and other critics that I read that convinced me we should stop and breathe and push ourselves to do more.

Of course, the easier path is just to say you are going to sit back and enjoy watching leftist heads explode and I’m going to do that, too.

The fact that there are some people who claim that freedom of speech will bring down this country is one of dumbest arguments ever made. Again, this angle shows how a large segment of people cannot think critically about how to get out of a brown paper bag.

Personally, I’m for Elon Musk taking his own money that he has earned and spending it on a takeover of Twitter and giving all those moist snowflakes a proper melting. I’m not a stockholder and I don’t use Twitter enough to make a bold statement, either way, other than to say more speech is better for everybody.

It is simply common sense.

As Elon Musk continues to attempt to take over Twitter or any other company, it will be a long and difficult road ahead. don’t be afraid to put a critical eye on some of these things. You will be able to defend your view against others who are driven by emotion. It should also help sharpen your brain to remind you that nobody on the planet today is perfect.

Jesus Christ was the last person to walk the Earth in perfect form. We celebrate His resurrection this Sunday and have never seen anyone like Him.

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