Democrats’ Last, Best Hope for the Mid-Terms Crashes and Burns – Opinion

Americans feel a sense of sadness and malaise as they search for good news amid a slew Democrat-led disasters and failures. Biden and his allies in the Democratic Party have searched for any message that could be used to counter the high inflation, border crisis, growing violent crime and other disasters.

This search was like searching for water in the Sahara. As evidenced by the rush made to make abortion an issue mid-term after the Supreme Court’s leak of the majority draft decision. Roe V. Wade. Democrats have convinced themselves that they’ve finally found something they can make political hay with.

Well, I’m here to bear some bad news for the left: Their last, best hope to turn things around before the mid-terms is crashing and burning. NBC News released a survey that shows Joe Biden is in complete collapse. The issue polling also indicates that Democrats are on the verge of collapse.

Those right-track/wrong-track numbers are something. Only 16 percent believe the country is currently on the right track, and that’s always bad news for any party that controls the White House and Congress. There’s nowhere for Democrats to go, which is what led to Biden laughably trying to blame Republicans for not having a “plan” for inflation last week.

That dog won’t hunt, though. If you win an electoral election, all of the consequences and responsibility that comes with it are yours. Public opinion is rarely influenced by blaming the party without power. That’s especially true when things are so objectively awful on so many fronts, which is evidenced by Biden’s 39 percent approval rating.

But it’s the top issues for Americans that really sticks out to me. Notice what’s not there. Is abortion there? This is the latest rallying point for left-leaning protestors. Because I don’t see it. Instead, inflation and the cost of living are the most important things Americans care about. Guess who is to blame? This would be both the Congress and White House. So how do I find out? This is because the poll showed that Biden received a 33% approval rating on inflation, and a 23% approval rating on cost-of-living.

This isn’t complicated. It’s the economy, stupid. The stock market is destroying retirement funds while people watch their savings account values plummet due to inflation. There’s no good news on the horizon, and Democrats believing that promoting abortion until birth will somehow save them is fool’s gold.

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