CNN’s Bash: Democrats Are Angry At Roe Decision, GOP Played Long Game

CNN is known for their inability to challenge Democrat politicians in any significant way, and Dana Bash’s interview with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on State of the UnionThis was not the case. 

In the wake of nationwide protests over the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade on Saturday, Bash asked Pelosi “what can you do to help women who will be seeking abortions but live in states where it’s banned?” Further proving she’s an activist, and not a journalist, she even offered a solution to Pelosi “would you encourage private companies to provide travel for abortions as a health benefit?”

Pelosi didn’t seem interested, instead she attacked the Supreme Court and their attack on freedom, whining that “this is the first time the court has taken back a freedom that was defined by precedent and respect for privacy”Bash was urged by her fellow Democrats to watch at home and urge Bash “stay focused on who we are as a country” 



Bash jumped back in showed her true colors again by remarking to Pelosi that “many Democrats are angry” and “a lot of people in the grassroots are despondent over this draft ruling.” One reason she believed pro-abortion Democrats are “angry” and “despondent” is because “conservatives have played the long game.” 

Bash moaned, continuing her whining at Pelosi “they [conservatives] have said over and over for decades that this was their goal, to overturn Roe v. Wade, and that Democratic leaders should have seen this coming.”  

Yet, Pelosi wasn’t having it, instead seeking to blame former President Trump for keeping his promise to nominate pro-life judges: “who would have ever suspected a creature like Donald Trump would become President of the United States. The far-right supported Trump’s decision to waive a list of judges he planned to appoint. And appointing those anti-freedom justices to the court.” 

Also, she called the Supreme Court current “dangerous to the freedoms of our country”This is a common, but repeatedly disproven talking point: Conservatives may seek to ban gay marriage and contraception if Roe V. Wade is repealed. 

You need to be careful about marriage equality. So, that’s it. Let’s not waste any time. This is an unsafe court for families and freedom in this country.

Dana Bash’s only response to Pelosi’s avalanche of outright lies and disinformation was: “what impact will this have on the midterms?” Because CNN’s first concern is always for the wellbeing of the Democrat Party, not the country, and definitely not the truth. 

Roman and Simplisafe enabled Dana Bash to interview for softball. They are linked. 

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CNN’s State of the Union
Eastern, 9:10:53 

DANA BASH – Let’s move on to Roe verse Wade. Despite your protests on Capitol Steps this week, Roe still stands to be overturned. You won’t see the House pass the legislation to legalize abortion anytime soon. What can you do for women in countries that ban abortion? You might encourage companies to offer abortion travel as a medical benefit. 

NANCY PETOLI (HOUSE SPEAKER): This is true. But, the truth is that we, as a nation — let’s put it in perspective. We want families, women, and all people to be focused on the decision’s nature. The genius of our founders, this is what made our country great: a constitution that allowed freedom to grow. It worked with equality in marriage, as well as Roe v. Wade. It is possible to define freedom in many more ways. The court is returning a freedom defined previously by precedent and the protection of privacy for the first-time. 

Let’s not lose sight of who we really are as a nation and depend on others. This is a great thing for women, and it’s also important. It’s important to recognize that it isn’t right. This is not freedom. They’re going to put freedom on the election ballot. Our democracy was already on the ballot due to what they do with elections. But this is a place where freedom and the kitchen table issues of America’s families come together. How do families make decisions? What about contraception for teenagers? This is just beyond the scope of a given situation. In vitro fertilization is a huge issue. It affects contraception. And it’s ok, we want to mitigate for the damage but we have to get rid of the damage. 

BASH: Many Democrats are mad. You’re–I know you’re one of them. This draft ruling has caused a lot of dismay among grassroots people. They are upset because conservatives played the long game. It’s obvious. This is what they’ve been repeating for many decades: to repeal Roe v. Wade. Democratic leaders must have known. This is something I am sure you have heard. 

PELOSI – Who would’ve thought that Donald Trump would be the next President of America? He waived a list of judges he planned to appoint and thus won the support of far-right. Then appointing anti-freedom judges to the court. This isn’t a long-term game. This was not a short game. Roe V. Wade was won a long while ago. It was our choice to preserve it. The Democratic House of Representatives is now pro-choice. Again, you have 60 vote thing in the Senate and lack of clarity on part of some of the Republicans who say they’re pro choice and then vote against a woman’s right to choose. But it isn’t–let’s not take our eye off the ball. It is this court that is dangerous to our rights. Take care in the area of equality in marriage, but also take note of all aspects. So, that’s it. Let’s not waste any time. It is clear that this court is dangerous to our freedom and families. People need to mobilise. I believe that we do not need to worry, but we can organize. 

What is the impact of BASH? 

PELOSI – We make sure that people are aware of the consequences of voting. 

BASH: What impact does this have on midterms? 

PELOSI: I wish we had some sort of resolution before. It would be better to have the issue resolved than a matter for a campaign. We are talking about women’s decisions, their families, God, doctors and themselves. This is why we must fight for the cause now. 

It would impact the election, I believe, but for now, I ask everyone to focus only on this and its meaning to them. As a Catholic devout Catholic who has five children within six years, this is what I mean. I respect people’s opinions and their choices, but it’s not up to Donald Trump’s appointees to the court or politicians to decide for women. It’s what I have been doing for many decades. This is important. This does not mean ending a pregnancy. It’s about family planning and contraception. They’re against it. Some of my Republican colleagues have said to me they aren’t for family planning in any way, national or international. 


BASH: Speaking up —

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