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Democrats are headed for disaster with their high-speed train in the coming midterms. They know it so well that they’re already casting blame on fellow members of their own party.

The Hill says that 2022’s midterm elections appear to be a major GOP victory. As the election approaches, The Hill claims that there is a growing divide in the Democrat party. The differences between more moderate Democrats and the growing extremism within the party’s more radical leftists is apparent, and they’ve begun pointing fingers at each other over a loss that hasn’t even happened yet.

For instance, part of the issue is the hard-left holding up the infrastructure bill, something that moderate Democrats see as a surefire way to make centrist constituents angry while suffering zero blowback thanks to the safety of the hard-left Democrat’s solidly blue districts. Radicals desire the infrastructure package first, so they are holding it hostage to its passage.

“It’s very risky to have to go back to your district and tell people that you voted ‘no’ on $1.2 trillion of infrastructure funding,” said Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, a “Blue Dog” Democrat.

According to The Hill, radicals view it in a different way:

Progressives have a totally different perspective.

They see themselves as fighting for the Biden agenda, and argue the party’s liberal base will have no reason to come out and support liberal and centrist Democrats alike unless lawmakers can enact real change at a time when they hold the White House and both chambers of Congress.

In other words, they see a moment to shove through extreme agenda items in the short time they have, making it clear that even they know they don’t have much longer before the Democrat’s time in power goes belly-up. Minnesota’s resident extremist, Ilhan Omar, summed up the radical’s position:

“Inaction is insanity … Trying to kill your party’s agenda is insanity. … Losing the majority in the House in the Senate is insanity,” said Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), one of the leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

“Being sane is trying to do everything that you can to get to the table, negotiate in good faith, not break deals, and deliver on behalf of the American people on the promises that we make.”

The frustration over this from moderates was put well by Virginia’s Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

“We are now arbitrarily waiting until some point in the future for the progress of another bill that is outside of physical infrastructure to pass. So now, these bills are linked together. Talks had taken place about dual track. Dual tracks means two. Now they’re, I guess, on the same exact train car,” said Spanberger.

Each side of the Democrat civil War is living in some kind of illusion. The moderate Democrats won’t be saved by the passage of the infrastructure bill and the radicals won’t get their social spending package with moderate Democrats in the Senate like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema holding back the worst of the left’s attempts.

Their biggest problem isn’t any unpassed bills, but their increasingly unpopular leader, President Joe Biden. The party supporting him is in peril because of his falling poll numbers.

With failures mounting up from the economy to Afghanistan, to the border, and now the attacks on parents from his own DOJ over radicalized education practices in schools, Biden’s likely doomed himself and his entire party along with him.

No matter how hard they try to Bail water, the Democrat’s ship will sink. bail

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