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Loudoun School Board Meeting: More than 60 residents, parents and students attended last night’s meeting to protest the horrifying story about a school covering-up alleged sexual assaults of a boy.

We reported that a transgender boy in a skirt committed sexual assault on a 9th grade girl, May 1, in the school’s bathroom. These charges include anal and forcible sexual sodomy. Then the school superintendent at a June 22 board meeting denied that such a “predator transgender student” existed and said they had no record of any such assaults despite the fact the sexual assault had been reported to the police. “We don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms,” he said.

The father, who was present at the meeting, became furious and had reportedly received a no-trespassing order in an effort to stop him telling his story. Then, an activist claimed his daughter wasn’t telling the truth and a scuffle broke out during which time the father was thrown to the floor and arrested. The father said he tried to pull his arm back after an officer grabbed it and you can see that’s true on the video.

He’s now being prosecuted. And the NSBA cited an “arrest in Virginia” referencing that meeting and falsely claiming the arrest was about CRT when they appealed to the FBI to do something about parents who they suggested could be “domestic terrorists.”

The school pursued the father but moved the transgender boy from one school to the other. According to reports, he was also accused of another sexual offense against another girl in October 2006.

Parents demanded that Scott Ziegler be fired as superintendent for covering up the incident on Tuesday night. The parents were also upset about “8040” the policy that allowed the transgender boy to use the bathroom he chose.

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“This is not China, this is the United States of America, and we will not be silenced,” one irate mother said. “Remove the superintendent immediately and then resign for your negligence and duplicity. End this nightmare!” [….]

“Your moral compasses are busted! You, Dr. Ziegler, and our school board – every one of you – are complicit in these crimes against our children because you did nothing about it, nothing.”

“What is worse than a child being raped at school? The coverup by those who are trusted with the safety and well-being of children,” another mother said. “Today, Scott Ziegler must resign for the unconscionable act of allowing an alleged rapist back into school to rape again, and for that coverup.”

“We warned you about policies that you were putting into place that would be a danger to our students, and we’ve seen that happen,” a father said. “When is enough enough? When are you going to change the policies to keep our children safe?” [….]

“These school board members knew about the first incident at the June 22 meeting. I’m sorry, they all knew about the case when they were here for the June 22 meeting. Another child was also hurt by the same predator. And so we hold them accountable,” Patti Menders, a mother and president of the Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club, told Fox News in an interview before the meeting.

A spokesperson claimed that the incidents were “reported immediately to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, and LCPS cooperated fully with the investigations.” So then why did the superintendent deny the first incident at the June meeting? The spokesperson for the superintendent is basically admitting that he had lied. He just didn’t say ‘I can’t comment,’ he said it never happened. That’s a big problem and he should resign.

It appears that the school board is also violating the open meeting requirement. The room was opened to each speaker, and they were then ushered out. The room was empty other than the media and school board. It’s not clear why they weren’t letting people who spoke back in the room if they weren’t causing a problem. This raises another concern, especially considering all of the allegations about a cover up.

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