Dem Lawmaker Has Orwellian Suggestion to Make Abortion Less ‘Negative’ – Opinion

We’ve seen how radical some people on the left can be about abortion. The Senate heard some bizarre testimony about the issue last week. A professor refused to answer the question whether unborn children have any value and claimed that Texas was preventing people from voting. This was just too bizarre.

But we’ll have to hand it to one Democrat this week for her new idea to make abortion and killing unborn babies on demand more palatable.

Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) said that she was tired of conversations where people were saying “abortion, abortion, abortion” as a negative term.

Rice told the people that she was speaking with that they should stop throwing the word “abortion” around because they thought it was going to raise emotions. Rice claimed the word had been “weaponized” by “certain people in this country.” “Because if we’re going to have a real conversation about this, we have to stop using language that is…going to prevent an actual meaningful conversation from happening.”

Rice thinks the word “abortion” has a negative connotation. Rice will be shocked to learn about the actual act. Do you prefer dismemberment or a more precise term? The nice thing about abortion is that it covers the brutal act. The act of abortion has very negative connotations, so it is often referred to as “abortion”.

I’m confused by this declaration, too. Don’t Democrats think “pregnant people” should have abortion on demand and without apology, as the protest sign often says? Don’t some even talk about “shouting their abortions”? Rice wants to redefine the word suddenly. Is it perhaps that they know that most people don’t support abortion on demand and without any restrictions? Or some of them don’t want to face the question of what they are championing and don’t like being called out for advocating killing babies? These sounds to indicate that Democrats recognize they have a problem. They are trying to cover up the real negative consequences.

Imagine how “1984” this thought is — let’s change the common language we have, to make the act that is so controversial more acceptable. Rice suggests that we could blunt the negativity people perceive. She thinks the word is bad, but she’s all on board with the act — what kind of logic is that?

It is a sign that they realize they are losing the battle.

This is where Democrats are at now — they can’t deal with reality, so they have to rename it to fit their spin. Why not just call it the crime it is? What could be better?

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