As Scarborough Defends 1619 Project, Morning Joe Freaks Over ‘Evil Genius’ DeSantis

No one has ever accused Joe Biden of being a genius—evil or otherwise.

Ron DeSantis, however, is not able to be said the same as this morning. This is today’s Morning JoeClaire McCaskill and Mike Barnicle concurred in conferring the Florida governor the “evil genius” sobriquet.

Joe Scarborough stated that DeSantis is guilty of “baiting” Democrats into a political debate about race and sexuality within the context, public education. Fumed a frustrated Scarborough: “And suddenly, he’s the savior of the great moral majority, or whatever he’d want to call it.”


Scarborough defended the 1619 Project in making DeSantis’ case. This article was written by Nikole Hannah Jones and published by The New York Times, the 1619 Project, in its own words, “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”

Scarborough admitted that the Project was largely debunked in his research.It was possible that some words were not correct..” Mai, Joe?

However Scarborough instantly praised “what 1619 brought to this debate.” What is the purpose of that other than to label America, even from its inception, an intrinsically racist, deeply flawed society?

Although Critical Race Theory defenders deny its teaching in schools, there is ample evidence that its principles can be taught at home. However, this cannot be said about the 1619 Project. Contrary to popular belief, the extensive curriculum of 1619 Project can and has been used in public schools.

American capitalism is explicitly detested by the 1619 Project, which accuses American capitalism of being “brutality”.

Summa sum, you can view the 1619 Project as a test. The 1619 Project isn’t a candidate for conservative status. Can we strike Scarborough out of the conservative ranks, even though he continues to assert that he’s one?

Mika Brzezinski started the segment by citing polls about DeSantis’s supposed “controversial” views on education. According to the results, a huge majority agreed that public schools should not be focusing on teaching race but more on core subjects. [and that]Schools should not teach sexual orientation or gender identity to children in kindergarten through third grade.”

What’s “controversial” about those positions, Mika—unless you’re a hardcore leftist!?

You could even say there is no such thing. It is one person who has cast Joe Biden as a genius—Joe Biden himself! He boasted about his intelligence on the campaign trail. And he boasted about his brilliant academic career–until those claims were revealed as lies.

Morning Joe calls Ron DeSantis “evil genius” and Joe Scarborough defends the 1619 Project. This was partially sponsored by Abbott and Trivago. 

You can find the transcription here.

Morning Joe
7:16 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI His controversial education policy. 

Hart Research conducted a poll and found voters were 32 percent more inclined to vote for candidates they believe in. The teaching of race in public schools is not the best thing. Schools should be more focused on core subjects.They were able to increase their score by 27 points It is unacceptable for schools to teach children from kindergarten through grade three sexual orientation and gender identities. But I want to find out if they do. Does that happen?

. . . 

JOE SCARBOROUGH, Mika. Other issues are also included.

MIKA: Yeah.

SCARBOROUGH – It is the cultural issues that can be trapdoors for. I will say this not only to Democrats but also to a lot people working in media.

MIKA: Right.

SCARBOROUGH — Who simplifies an issue?

MIKA: Twitter.

SCARBOROUGH . . DeSantis excels at setting it up so that he can take on the media. He can also take on those who are supposed to be leftIt’s the only progressive wing within the Democratic party. Then suddenly, he is the, the savior, of the great moral majority, whatever that he wants to call it.It is true, it is. DeSantis lures left.He has more than $100 million in his current campaign.

MIKA: It’s amazing. 

SCARBOROUGH – The only thing I know concern you and it concerns my family. It should concern every American, the issue of race. Because —


SCARBOROUGH – We are just beginning to discuss race. . . Take a look at 1619. There was some language which may or may not have been correct. You should look at 1619’s contribution to this debate.Now, is it that teachers don’t want to discuss race in their classes? It seems absurd, right?

. . . 

MIKE BARNICLE – What is your opinion about? Ron DeSantis is the evil genius behind some Republicans.— have been able to cause problems that are not related to students’ daily education. 

. . . 

CLAIRE MCCASKILL – Yes. It is a good way to express it. . . DeSantis seems like an evil genius. Joe could not be more right, and that’s something I don’t often repeat enough. Joe could not be more right about DeSantis trying to bait the left into believing that this is about something real.

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