‘Ilhan Omar’ and ‘Pretending’ Trend Together After People Notice Something Curious About ‘Arrest’ Video – Opinion

As we reported earlier, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) made even more of a fool of herself than she normally does after trying to make an “arrest” video from the steps of the Supreme Court Tuesday look more dramatic than it actually was, holding her hands behind her as she was being escorted away, making it appear at first that she was handcuffed even though she wasn’t.

AOC’s arrest was one of 16 arrests made on Democratic members of Congress including fellow radicals Cori Bush (Mo.) Ayanna Pressureley (Mass.) and AOC. by the Capitol Police in front of our nation’s highest court as they “protested” the June ruling from the SCOTUS that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Ilhan Omar (Minn.), another member of the Squad was also detained. In initial reports, WCCO (Minneapolis) anchor Esme Murphy said that a Facebook video showed “a woman who appears to be Rep Omar in handcuffs”:

Murphy later proclaimed that Omar’s staff “confirmed” it was indeed video of Omar “under arrest and in handcuffs.”

“Staff confirms this is video of Rep @ilhanmn under arrest and in handcuffs, she and other female Members were arrested in a protest supporting abortion rights in front of the Supreme Court today,” she tweeted.

Omar held one of her hands in solidarity to the crowd. Below are screengrabs to confirm the assertion.

Laughably, Murphy tried to rescue herself in a follow-up tweet by suggesting “it’s not clear” that Omar was in handcuffs even though the very end of if clearly shows she wasn’t.

“Correction : it’s not clear in this video of @ilhanmn that she is in handcuffs – staff says she has been taken into custody along with other MOC during a pro abortion rights protest – it looks at the end of the clip that she is not in cuffs,” Murphy wrote.

“It looks like” she wasn’t in cuffs? It doesn’t just “look like” she wasn’t. But thanks for working hard to win back all that trust the media has lost over the last decade or so, ma’am:

Perhaps even more hilariously, “Ilhan Omar” and “Pretending” trended together for a time on Twitter as more people caught on to the customary theatrics that were on full display by Omar and her partners in crime:

“Staged” is also trending as of this writing, as is “Esme” – for obvious reasons.

As to the “punishment” given to Omar and her colleagues, it was – unsurprisingly – a slap on the wrist in the scheme of things.

According to Murphy, “Rep Omar says she was given a ticket and will have to pay $50 dollar fine. The picture of her was taken in the custody cell, without fingerprints. She and other female MOC were arrested today while protesting at Supreme Court for abortion rights.”

This, dear readers, it is. Democrat privilegeLooks like.

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