D.C. Newspaper Turns DC-Comics — Washington Post Makes Cassidy Hutchinson a Comic Book Heroine – Opinion

Continuing journalism’s uncritical look at Cassidy Hutchinson, the Washington Post illustrates her J-6 Committee performance.

The Washington Post, on July 4, came out with a new spin on the investigation-in-name-only of the January 6 riot on the Capitol by taking journalistic melodramatics to a new level. The paper decided to show readers the best moments from a performative witness testimony. 

The Washington Post is also a good example of media loyalty to the Democrat cause.

It’s bad enough that the press corps of this nation has been in a full act of compliance with the January 6 Commission, but that slavish, slobbering positive coverage plumbed new depths as the hearings recently segued into televised histrionics. Last week, a new hearing on June 28 was held in haste. This dispelled any suspicions that there was a bottom of fawning coverage.

This was when the “surprise” witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, was brought before the cameras and delivered new testimony that was scathing, explosive, historic, transformative, revelatory, and all other manners of thesaurus-straining hyperbolic description. Hutchinson is just being called a Surprise witnessBecause she has previously testified in front of the exact same panel, this defies credulity. It’s just the beginning. The lack of curiosity in the media.

Hutchinson’s testimony has been called into question by The Secret Service, Mark Meadows, Eric Herschmann, and others who are questioning an alleged discussion with Pat Cipollone. Then factor in the revelation she sought help from conservative groups regarding her prior testimony, seeking advice and counsel in order “To deal with such BS” and you have a witness who has strayed from being questionable to downright disqualifying.

Washington Post’s editorial staff hasn’t let these problems stop them from being passionate about Hutchinson or the J-6 Commission. They elected to gather up Cassidy’s choice comments from the transcript and then illustrate those scenes for the outlet’s readers. WaPo has almost 12 frames that dramatize the Hutchinson fable. They are trying to reach graphic novel level import but veering closer towards comic strip humor.

Here’s how the paper presented the display to show her affection.

Cassidy Hutchinson was a witness like none before. She brought people inside the West Wing in January 6th and all the time thereafter. She used vivid details to describe scenes that involved President Donald Trump, as well clips of her taped deposition.


It is then onwards with emblematic embellishments to make us feel like we are in these Profound scenes.

While the visual histrionics may be amusing, they do not reflect favorably on WaPo. Along with the scene of the ketchup on a wall, there is also an image showing Cassidy peering through a doorway. A cloud of cacophony appears to enter the frame from the right. There is also the subtly rendered image of Donald Trump sitting in his presidential limousine back, with his fist tightly clenched, and his stark red lines radiating from his golden pate. It’s his outlandish anger that everyone can see. We almost feel like we’re riding shotgun alongside Secret Service agent Bobby Engel.

This is all presented in an unequivocal manner. None of Cassidy’s words are called into question or in the least bit framed by critical analysis. As we get the uninterrupted text of Cassidy, accompanied by supporting visuals, it is easy to lose ourselves in the details as the weight and drama overwhelms. It’s both funny and embarrassing. This display makes my prior satirical reading of a CNN analyst’s embarrassing glowing coverage of Hutchinson whither by comparison.

It is now that we wait to see Cassidy in the next movie about superheroes. Marvel Comics has entered into a bidding process for her rights. They should be able to integrate it with all the other woke scripts that they’ve been producing.

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