Comedian Michael Loftus and Brad Slager Have a Serious Good Time Over the Issues

Conservatives, having fun — who knew?! When it was Michael Loftus who suggested it, I agreed.

CPAC offers one of the few opportunities to enjoy a good time at conferences like this. It’s rare, because many outsiders have a perception that conservatives aren’t a friendly and fun-loving bunch. It’s a bunch of crap, of course. It was fun to stay up all night, go to bars and have a cheerful attitude for the rest of the weekend.

We also have comedians — something the entertainment complex pretends does not exist. Greg Gutfeld has been sabotaging the entertainment world by allowing his talk-show late night to dominate ratings. Gutfeld!Please see the following: Five, Fox News fixture Michael Loftus.

Michael has appeared on stage many times, is also a comedian and writer, as well as having his own YouTube channels. Talking about the Joe Biden era, and his latest venture, the online show called “The Comedy Show”, we chatted quick. That Show TonightHe is currently in, and is teaming up with Jim Brewer (SNL) as well as a group of performers to create a sketch comedy venture.

It was quite a party, and I was even kind enough to surprise him at the end by adding a little pop culture aggravation.

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