Column: ‘Free Speech’ Media Allies with Transgender Tyranny

While the Left says their greatest priority is democracy preservation, when it comes down to the LGBT lobby being questioned, they sound more like dictatorial authoritarians. The overtones are unmistakable in the “news” coverage promoting “dozens” of employees walking out of Netflix in Los Angeles on October 20 in protest. What is the goal? A popular Dave Chappelle comedy special titled The closer

While thousands of prolifers may assemble to oppose abortion and get ignored, two dozen transgender lobbyists could be assembled and NBC/PBS will treat this as a momentous event.

Take NBC’s story. Anchor Lester Holt began: “A battle raging inside Netflix for weeks boiled over today. Employees staging a walk-out in terms of the streamer’s latest Dave Chappelle special in which the comedian mocks transgender people.”

Reporter Steve Patterson began: “Tonight, Netflix employees walking out of the company’s Hollywood office after weeks of internal backlash.” They didn’t specify a number of protesters. The story was dominated by the LGBT side. That’s unless you count them reading a quote from Netflix CEO/Obama money man Ted Sarandos apologizing profusely for “screwing up” with the outraged radical employees.

NBC featured two angry trans activist soundbites, and two soundbites of openly gay Variety “reporter” Matt Donnelly, who acted more like a spokesman for the protesters. He said Sarandos originally “did not feel it was hate speech, which went down incredibly badly with Netflix’s trans and LGBTQ-plus employees.” NBC noted the in-house protesters made a list of demands, and Donnelly added “I think that Netflix is going to have to put its money where its mouth is. This specific bloc of employees are galvanized to continue to hold them accountable.”

What? NBC’s stilted story failed to offer one clip or quote or explanation of what Chappelle said that was offensive. We can guess it’s because the comedian said “gender is a fact” and “Every human being on Earth had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth. That is a fact.” Is that somehow too horrific for NBC to include?

NBC shamefully failed to mention that counter-protesters were standing up for Chappelle at the walkout. In the video, you can briefly see a protester holding up a “Jokes Are Funny” sign, but otherwise NBC couldn’t offer one hint of dissent.

More on PBS NewsHour, anchor Amna Nawaz displayed the taxpayer-funded network’s allegiances by putting on trans woman Imara Jones of TransLash Media. No debate allowed. Nawaz asked one question about the freedom of speech in comedy. “They just say comedy is supposed to be provocative. Shouldn’t there be a space for that?”

Jones fiercely said there’s no space for that. “Well, it’s also supposed to be intelligent. Mocking transgender people is not intelligent. There’s nothing interesting or provocative about mocking trans people.” She argued Chappelle offered “essentially hate speech disguised as jokes.”

So stating that human babies come out of women is “hate speech.”

Nawaz offered estimates for gay-lobbys to Jones right before she asked the comedy question. “The data does speak volumes here. According to Human Rights Campaign, 2021 is set to be the most violent year on record for transgender and gender-nonconforming people.” Make a joke, you’re responsible for murder?

Jones concluded that “Netflix may become a stigma brand. That is to say, it may no longer be a place where you’re proud to say that you work…Netflix could be in real trouble.” And so our “free speech” media offer themselves as eager allies with trans tyranny over what speech can be allowed. 

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