Colion Noir Shows Us Why Training With Your Firearm Is Essential – Opinion

This video, featuring Colion Noir (gun rights advocate) was very interesting to me. It is important that gun owners and those exercising their Second Amendment rights know the laws associated with concealed guns. This is especially true in light of the current debate about guns and the right-to-bear arms.

After becoming a gun owner for the first time last September, I tried to get as much information as possible. The number of people telling me that they rarely train or buy guns struck me immediately. It was also concerning to me that many don’t understand that even in cases in which self-defense seems obvious, one can still face prison time if they are not careful. Jose Alba was a Bodega worker and could face murder charges in New York for stabbing to death an unidentified man in New York. He was captured on camera viciously attacking him at his business.

Noir’s video, which was filmed by the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), puts him in two deadly-force scenarios, in which he could face danger, to see how his reaction could have legal ramifications.

Kevin Michalowski, USCCA Director for Content was joined by Tom Grieve, a criminal defense lawyer to talk about the scenarios Noir was put in. The input that the men provided after Noir was placed in each scenario is surprising. Noir might have been prosecuted in the first scenario even though it was obvious that he was trying to protect himself and others.

I was struck by the rapidity with which such situations can escalate. It also struck me how Noir – who shoots for a living – could not remember how many rounds he fired despite being an expert in gunplay. The situation shows us that even the most skilled gunplayers can fail to respond in dangerous-force situations.

It was a very informative – and sobering – exercise that everyone who carries concealed should watch. This also highlights the need to invest in conceal carry insurance. An attorney can be very expensive, even in cases where self-defense is clear. This service is offered by many organizations, including the USCCA. It can help protect victims from potentially life-threatening consequences if they have to defend their loved ones or themselves with a firearm.

With the anti-gunner lobby taking a major hit because of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bruen, we can expect to see more far-leftist prosecutors like New York City’s Alvin Bragg seeking to punish those who use weapons to protect themselves. It isn’t about justice; it’s about pushing an agenda. Anybody who is carrying a firearm should be aware of this fact.

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