Vice President Kamala Harris’ New Speechwriter Presses ‘Delete’ Key, Steps Down – Opinion

One might argue that Kamala Harris’ speechwriter, the author of speeches, was killed.

Kamala has been a distinguished Vice President in many ways during her brief tenure. All of these are not positive. Biden gave her many tasks and she has been known to not address them. She tends to cackle instead of answering uncomfortable questions, and she is rather adept at driving away staff members – particularly in her communications team.

As it was officially announced, you can now add to the list. Her speechwriter is now gone the VP’s office;  Meghan Groob has stepped away from her job as Kamala’s wordsmith. Add Groob’s name to a growing list of people who have left the Vice President’s team in recent months. Harris is now able to dismiss Symone Sanders, her press secretary, and her communications director since November. Symone left MSNBC in December. In March, Harris also saw her Deputy Press Secretary leave.

Friday also saw the announcement that Harris’ Service Aide Rohini Kosoglu was leaving her office. With this, 17 departures have been made from her office. Add in the high number of flights from Biden’s team, and you have nearly 30 departures from the administration, in under 18 months.

Groob herself is a replacement, as Kamala’s original speechwriter, Kate Childs Graham, ran off in February. This means she is leaving after just three months on the job, which is rather understandable, given one of Kamala’s other traits she has been known for; the Vice President has become a regular outlet for rather hilarious word salad speeches.

Harris demonstrated in her work that she struggles with extemporaneous speech. Kamala’s inability to prepare or be expected to communicate off the cuff can make her sound ridiculous. She has also delivered some hilarious speeches that were full of twisted syntax and unintelligible commentary. A quick search through her most recent malaprops reveals some gems.

Kamala’s vocabulary ventures are so well known that when the news came out of this latest resignation the hashtag #WriteASpeechForKamala was started, which sprouted impressions of her infamous interlocutions.  

All of this makes for great political comedy. However, from the perspective of a speechwriter it reflects on their work. Kamala is so well-known for her quixotic quotations that, when Groob announced that she was stepping down from the role of speechwriter, many people were surprised to discover that she had one. Groob now finds herself in a bit of an awkward situation, both vocationally and personally.

While most D.C. professionals favor having their White House experience on their resumes, this might not be the best thing for a potential prospect. Groob could be excused if her CV carries a similar job in administration. Social Media Editor for Major Biden (one of the family dogs), it would be both understandable… and a career enhancement.

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