Emmanuel the Camera-Hogging Ostrich Is Going to Steal Your Heart – Opinion

Let’s be honest. It’s a scalding hot, summer weekend in many red states across the country, so a little light humor is warranted. This viral Tyla video is what you might call a “dose of cuteness overload”. It was uploaded by Tyla’s news and lifestyle website. It tells the genuinely sweet story of one animal lover trying to record her educational videos…and, well, an ostrich named Emmanuel misbehaving. You would be remiss if you revealed more.


Unlike the animal’s aggrevated keeper, you won’t want Emmanuel to stop or cut it out. He might be a little unruly, but it’s just too adorable and funny to stay mad at him. And c’mon, readers: Don’t we all need more things like this goofy bird clip to make us laugh right now?

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