CNN’s Sick Satisfaction With ‘Destroyed’ ‘Little Bodies’ at Shooting, GOP Is ‘Evil’

CNN was able to cover the tragedy at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas, but it got downright disgusting. Between former Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem showing a bizarre satisfaction in talking about the “destroyed” “little bodies” of the 18 students killed in the attack and radical anti-gun Parkland parent Fred Guttenberg calling Republicans “evil,” the network was in a downward spiral.

When speaking with OutFront host Erin Burnett, Guttenberg praised Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (CT) for acting “heroic” today with his screed on the Senate floor. He then attacked Republicans by claiming they don’t love their kids.

“He needs one of these Republicans, it can’t be Democrats solving this. These Republicans need to actually love their children as well,”He laughed. “And they need to walk into [Murphy’s] office and they need to grab him by arms and say ‘we’re with you.’ Because if not, we shouldn’t act shocked.”

Within the hour to come, AC360Anderson Cooper brought Kayyem, who was absent from her previous appearances on The leadWhere she demanded President Biden to suspend enforcement of immigration in the border community.

Kayyem took a sick pleasure in talking about the bodies of young children for this round. “I think it’s important to be graphic. The word “shooting” can be sanitized. since we’re dealing with them so often,” she argued as her justification. She was even ranted about it Follow us on Twitter.



“There were 18 young children killed by a rifle that is meant to destroy, to maim.They do not have any identification. they might not be recognizable,”Cooper, she replied. Kayyem continued boasting “I’m going to be graphic here”She described it as follows: “18 little bodies that are destroyed by really heavy artillery, and the only person who knows is a parent.”

Claiming they were killed by “heavy artillery” was a gross exaggeration that went unchallenged by Cooper. Cooper did not challenge the claim that they were killed by “heavy artillery”. We believe that the gunman had both a pistol and a rifle.

Know who is being shelled in schools by rocket systems and artillery? Ukraine’s, by Russian invaders. And Cooper should have known better since he’s been there recently.

Guttenberg was called back up during Cooper’s second hour to attack Republicans some more. “I’m going to call them out, it’s the Republican Party in the Senate. Maybe that’s why the failure to do anything is so despicable, so evil,” he proclaimed because they won’t abolish gun rights.

He gave an even more dire warning. “the failure to do so only means the next time, there’s a really good chance it’s going to be someone they love.”

The lucrative sponsorships of Carvana and Sleep Number made these disgusting comments possible. You can find their contact information here.

The transcript is below, click “expand” to read:

CNN’s OutFront
May 24, 2022
Eastern Time: 7:58:00


FRED GUTTENBERG Now it’s only a question of who’s going to have the courage to say no more. You and Senator Murphy were a great listener. It was a great feat of courage. This man needs to be able to trust one of these Republicans. This is why these Republicans must love their children. And they need to walk into his office and they need to grab him by arms and say “we’re with you.” Because if not, we shouldn’t act shocked.


Anderson Cooper 360
Eastern, 8:20:07

JULIETTE KAYYEM (I want to simply talk about what’s happening now because there’s been an absence of information. Because I feel it’s crucial to be graphic. Because we deal with these people so frequently, I believe the term shooting could sound unsanitary.

The rifle was meant to kill, maim and destroy 18 children. The children are likely not to be identified as they do not have identification at this young age.


Eastern, 8:22:22

KAYYEM – We believe we have a deceased teacher so that the teacher cannot be identified. That’s basically what is happening now.

I was therefore surprised at how little information was released earlier in the day. These are the basics. Part of the problem is that I am going to make this graphic. Their 18 children are dead from heavy artillery. Only their parents know. And, you know, that’s today.


Eastern 9:33 p.m.

GUTTENBERG : Maybe that’s what caused the failure. I will call them out. It’s the Republican Party of the Senate. Perhaps that is why failure to act on anything seems so shameful and evil. Perhaps that is why it hurts so badly that Texas’ governor and lieutenant governor are attending the NRA convention in Texas this Friday. They had the opportunity to make a change. For years, they’ve been given every chance. However, they aren’t.

And so, listen. This is all I want to say. It was Senator Chris Murphy, my friend, who is heroically doing something today. I hope someone from the Republican Party, or all 50 Democrats, will get together and do it because failure means that the next time they fail, it might be someone they care about.


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