CNBC Poll Shows Biden “Deeply Underwater” and Suggests It Really Is the Economy, Stupid – Opinion

President Joe Biden is now “deeply underwater” in a new CNBC poll as inflation ties COVID-19 for the top worry among voters – a 16-point jump from the last survey.

James Carville is the political strategist who recently said Democrats should make January 6 the focus of their talking points and try to keep the riot at the forefront of people’s minds. That’s the Carville of 2021, mind you, not the Carville of 1992, who famously posted a sign in Bill Clinton’s campaign headquarters with three key talking points.

  1. It is better to make changes than do more of the exact same.
  2. It’s stupid, the economy
  3. Don’t forget health care.

In particular, the phrase “The economy, stupid” stayed in the American political lexicon, and it made sense. Americans elect with their pockets, the most local concern in their heads. According to CNBC, inflation, high gas prices and rising grocery and food prices and other supply chain problems are all worrying American voters.

Just 41% of the public approve of Biden’s handling of the presidency, compared with 52% who disapprove. A poll of 800 Americans was conducted between Oct. 14-17 and has a margin for error of 3.5%.

Biden’s negative 11-point net rating compared with a positive 3 points in the July survey, when 48% approved and 45% disapproved.

This decline can be attributed to an increase in negativity about the economic handling by the president. Just 40% of respondents approve of him and 54% disapprove, a seven point rise from July.

While the majority still supports his handling, the gap has been narrowed. Now, 53% of Americans approve, while only 43% disapprove.

The president’s numbers are declining as concerns about the economy, inflation and supply shortages rise sharply.

Up 16 points, inflation now ranks alongside the coronavirus in America’s greatest concern. A majority (47%) of respondents believe in a recession over the next 12 months, an increase of 13 points since the last time the question was asked in 2019.

Biden will be able to see the effects of rising dairy prices on the economy.
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Again, this is the reason why Republicans are really focused on the local problems and Democrats on the national. The former wishes to convince voters that they can fix the issues voters are really feeling at home while the latter seeks to convince them that it’s passing and there are more pressing issues affecting the whole country.

With Biden continuing to stay underwater in the approval polls, and with Congressional Democrats unable to come to any agreement while the economy continues to burn, it’s clear that the Democratic Party is in trouble.

From an electoral stance, there’s still a year until the midterm elections roll around, and it’s possible (though highly unlikely at this point) that any sort of V-shaped recovery could still happen. Biden claimed last night that the slow growth in employment was due to COVID fears. His administration insists wages are rising despite not having any evidence. Rather, plenty of people are dropping out of the workforce and don’t really seem interested in returning right away.

Unions are causing supply problems across the country by bringing ports to a halt, creating a blockage in some ports. Inflation became a real danger that we had been warned about for several years. The Biden administration’s attacks on energy production have led to shortages and higher prices.

However, the government is not paying attention to the situation. To them, it’s not the economy so much as it’s a bunch of rich, white people finally getting squeezed. They are blind to the real financial hardship that is affecting the middle and lower classes. They will refuse to learn any lessons from that, by the way, and continue to maintain that it’s lack of infrastructure spending and lack of climate change legislation causing all of our woes.

You and I will both continue to be affected by their incompetence. Unless of course, Carville of92 re-emerges.

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