Christmas May Come Early—Reform California Files Ethics Charges Against California’s Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher – Opinion

It couldn’t have happened to a You will be happier, oh, heck, there’s nothing nice about California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher (D-Evil Harridan). She has wrecked havoc with individual liberty, economic freedom and state sovereignty since her 2012 debut on the political scene.

That’s not an exaggeration. Californians should be grateful to Gonzalez-Fletcher. It was all for Union gain, and grift. Gonzalez had worked as a Teamster before entering statewide politics. In fact, Gonzalez still works for them. However, her skirting scrutiny is due to a feckless California Republican Party (and a Democrat Super Majority) that gave Gonzalez the opportunity to capture power at any given moment.

Carl DeMaio, Reform California’s chief executive officer, may have discovered a flaw in her armor.

Reform California today announced it has filed an ethics complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) demanding an immediate investigation and enforcement actions be taken against Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez after a Politico story late Tuesday night confirmed “employment negotiations” have been occurring between Gonzalez and the powerful California Labor Federation.

Gonzalez quickly took to Twitter after the story broke to claim she has not yet accepted the job – but provisions in the California Political Reform Act (CPRA) make that immaterial to whether she has run afoul of state ethics laws.

The law covers a state official that negotiates with potential employers for employment. Subsection (c) is Regulation 18747, CPRA. “a public official is ‘negotiating’ employment when he or she interviews or discusses an offer of employment with an employer or his or her agent.”

Oops. Gonzalez-Fletcher was keen to run for Secretary of State in 2022 and launched her campaign. When Gavin “Hair Gel” Newsom appointed Secy of State Alex Padilla to the Senator spot left vacant by Kamala Harris, Gonzalez-Fletcher was not so subtly lobbying to be the replacement. This was too bad. Newsom got a lot of criticism over not replacing Senator Harris with a Black female. BlackShirley Weber, Assemblywoman of the Secy for State will make up for it.

Game over for Gonzalez-Fletcher. The Evil Harridan makes an art form out crying about the lack of diversity in higher office, complaining that women of color (mostly, “Unseen Latinas”), don’t get a fair shake <insert *Eyeroll* emoji>. She knew that Weber would lose the election in 2022.

Gonzalez-Fletcher might run again in California Assembly for the final term. But she and Nathan Fletcher (D-Opportunist), are equally greedy and have always sought higher and more. Since the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka acquired his toe tag, rumors have been rampant of shuffling among Big Labor. Gonzalez-Fletcher’s statewide position would not make her a national star, even though she would have to compete with pro Union Dementia Joe.

Lorena Gonzalez and Richard Trumka, former Union boss

The POLITICO section was then released.

California Labor Federation officials have voted to endorse Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) as the powerful organization’s next leader, sources confirmed to POLITICO.

The non-binding vote by the body’s executive council will not immediately elevate Gonzalez to a new role or cause her to leave the Legislature because Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski has not stepped down or reached the end of his term. Pulaski will help the organization create a succession schedule.

“There was a vote on a recommendation for Lorena Gonzalez, but it wasn’t binding,” spokesperson Steve Smith said.

It is not clear if POLITICO believed it was Gonzalez-Fletcher doing a favor or trying to get her out. DeMaio was able to find the smoking gun that he required in both cases.

If it’s established that a state official engaged in conduct which triggers subdivision (c), then Section 87407 is applicable: “No public official, shall make, participate in making, or use his or her official position to influence, any governmental decision directly relating to any person with whom he or she is negotiating, or has any arrangement concerning, prospective employment.”

You might be a believer. I do have Palm Springs property for sale.

Gonzalez was the strongest advocate for California Labor Federation at the Assembly. She is known for sponsoring and voting in favor of their legislation, and using her office to exert influence over state agency activities.

Lorena Gonzalez holds up “Union” Sign on CA Assembly Floor


This is not just for the record. She brazenly shares this content on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Yes, she cleans her house regularly and blocks anyone (me included). She denies she used her Assembly seat for union-friendly legislation. However, anyone involved in the fight against AB5/SB277 will know that this is a lie. Gonzalez-Fletcher may scrub as much as she likes, but screenshots last forever.

Tweet response from Lorena Gonzalez admitting that AB5 was created in order to Unionize


Lorena González tweets from the KUSI Interview


DeMaio also requested that FPPC investigate and is now calling on Gonzalez-Fletcher’s resignation.

“While she should have been serving only the interest of her constituents, Lorena Gonzalez has broken all ethical norms by negotiating a sweetheart employment opportunity with a powerful special interest group while doing their bidding in the Assembly,” notes Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

“Not only do we demand an immediate ethics investigation into this matter, but it is clear that Lorena Gonzalez must resign to remove any suggestion that she is using her elected office to benefit a special interest group that she has been engaged in employment negotiations with,” DeMaio says.

DeMaio stated that any investigation conducted by the FPPC must include review of text, phone calls and emails from the past seven months, as well as sworn testimony provided by board members to California Labor Federation. DeMaio stated that Gonzalez was not appointed to the Secretary of State position in March. DeMaio indicated that Gonzalez’s seven-month timeframe is crucial. Gain Newsom for appointment to the Secretary of State position in March of this year – thus prompting the Assemblymember to look for outside employment opportunities.

“Gonzalez will try to play the public for fools by claiming she had absolutely no conversations with the California Labor Federation – but the FPPC needs to put her and others under oath to get to the truth,” DeMaio concludes.

DeMaio should be gathering all forensic information he can. Gonzalez-Fletcher, as we have already stated, is well-known for misinformation and policy statements that she memory-holing.

Are you ready for Karma’s return to Lorena GonzalezFletcher this season?

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