Biden’s BBB Bill Will Give You $12.5K if You Buy an Electric Car — Unless It’s a Tesla, That Is – Opinion

In yet another example that powerful teachers unions and labor unions enjoy joint custody of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, the ridiculously named socialist monstrosity “Build Back Better” Act contains a provision that provides a tax credit of up to $12,500 to purchasers of electric vehicles — other than Teslas.

Why Teslas? United Autoworkers Union.

That’s right, America, as reported by CBS News, only electric vehicles made in unionized U.S. factories qualify for the full $12,500. If Tesla were to be the exception, though, you would only be eligible for $7,500 tax credit.

Here’s the breakdown, per CBS News:

  • Credit up to $7500 for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This is a vehicle that has a minimum 40 kilowatt hour battery capacity, as well as a tank of less than 2.5 gallons.
  • A $500 additional credit is available for cars equipped with U.S.-made battery packs.
  • A $4,500 additional credit is available for cars built at U.S. plants that are unionized. Stellantis and Ford are currently the eligible plants. [formerly, Fiat-Chrysler].)

“Coincidentally,” as noted by CBS, Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MICHIGAN), the provision’s co-author, admitted he included the bonus funding after being advised by General Motors and the UAW “about the importance of including an explicitly pro-union component.”

In addition, to qualify for tax credits under Biden’s BBB (Build Back BrokeThe price limit for electric vehicles is set at $55,000. To be eligible for credit, vans, pickup trucks, and sports utility vehicles must be less than $80,000; all other cars have a price limit of $55,000.

There’s also an income limit for taxpayers to receive the credit: $500,000 for married couples and $250,000 for single buyers. “These limits are intended to direct the EV credit more toward middle- and working-class people,” Mike Fiske, an analyst at IHS Markit, told CBS News.

Finally, it’s important to understand the basics, here. This is a tax provision Credit — up to federal income tax owed — not a refund. 

“This credit is at the point of purchase — it’s not a credit that you apply for,” Kristin Dziczek, senior vice president of research at the Center for Automotive Research, told CBS. “It’s going to come straight off a loan or the price of the vehicle.”

One wonders — this one, anyway — who this credit is It is really for.

Given that Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk isn’t exactly on the official Democrat Christmas card list and the reality that the Democrat Party has done the bidding of the United Autoworkers and other powerful labor unions for decades, I’m gonna put my money on the UAW and related unions.

Reason reported that Biden almost admitted to it in October. During a UAW Job Training Center visit, he bragged to the center about the EV idea. “I want those jobs here in Michigan,” he declared — rather than in states like Tennessee or Kentucky, where UAW membership is less of a certainty.

The worst part about the Democrat Party in situations like this — blatant pandering to labor unions — is the complete disingenuousness of the whole thing. We know — and they know we know — that “climate change,” “green energy,” and fossil fuels have less to do with this provision, along with taxpayer relief and “good-paying jobs,” and more to do with delivering to the UAW exactly what it expects.

Are you skeptical? One look at the Democrat coddling of teachers’ unions should eliminate any doubt.

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