Fed and Media Ideas on Your Thanksgiving Turkey Might Make You Choke on That Dinner – Opinion

I previously wrote about the spin being put out by the White House, Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.MA), and how it explains the high Thanksgiving prices.

But the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis had an idea of how to cut those costs that I don’t think many people subscribed to today. Thinking about Thanksgiving brings back memories of turkey, stuffings, gravy and mashed potatoes. The turkey is baking right now, and I can almost smell it. Usually, that’s the most expensive part of the meal, so the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis suggested buying soy instead.

An affordable Thanksgiving dinner with turkey will cost you $1.42, as per the third quarter. The same number of calories is available in a tofurkey or soybean dinner, which costs $0.66. It also provides nearly twice the amount protein. This plant-based meal is almost three times heavier than the chicken-based one. It may keep you at your table for longer, or leave you more to eat later.

We have a thought for them; they have one for me.

Instead of telling us what we should eat, let’s focus on the job they do. That is to promote stable prices and economic growth. How are those inflationary prices going and maybe that’s what you should be focused on rather than deflecting away from it with this stuff? This is a bit Marie Antoinette-like — if you don’t like the rising prices, here, eat some soy. Sounds a lot like “Let them eat cake.”

It is possible to imagine if any Trump Administration employee would have made this suggestion.

Then we hear Joe Biden ramble on about how successful his economy is at the same time, calling it a “historic economic recovery.” Maybe. If historical means how to ruin the Trump recovery. If the cognitive dissonance makes your head spin, you’re not alone: Here’s how you should deal with all the problems — but let’s not actually stop doing the things causing the problems.

If you didn’t find a totally gross description of soy appealing enough, NBC had another idea of how to cut those costs: just go without. Tell the guests you’re not serving the turkey and maybe they’ll stay home.

Alrighty now, so did they just say don’t feed some of the family? Because I think that’s what I heard. What family would stay home just because you didn’t have turkey anyway? NBC has a pretty shallow view of the family, I think.

So no turkey and no guests, but hey, Happy Thanksgiving — all, courtesy of Joe Biden!

The bottom line: Which of these ideas is the most popular? I don’t think so. Now, the turkey has just come out of its oven.

What is all this about? It’s about trying to blunt and deflect from the Biden inflation so it doesn’t bite you as much. Sorry guys, but we still know what’s going on and we’re still seeing those prices no matter how much you try to cushion the pain from Old Joe’s bad policies. Here’s another wild thought: How about not following the bad policies that have contributed to the inflation?

I’m kind of liking this prescription for the day from Kevin Roberts, President-elect of the Heritage Foundation.

So enjoy! I wish you a happy day.

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