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Say what you will about Donald Trump’s foreign policies. He didn’t start wars. He didn’t vaporize a family of 10 in a suburb of Kabul, He did however vaporize actual terrorists. He didn’t abandon Americans in Afghanistan in a disastrous pullout that killed 13 American soldiers. Crimea was abandoned to the predations of Putin during Barack Obama’s watch.

Taiwan wasn’t buzzed by Chinese fighters on a daily basis while Trump was in the White House. Daily Chinese provocations are Joe Biden’s enduring legacy. The Ukrainian border is filled with a hostile Russian army and it’s due, in no small part, to the fool in the White House. Former vice president’s foreign policy is one of weakness, stupidity, and poor management. Joe Biden doesn’t know what to do because he didn’t bother to look. He and his inept administration are now engaging in the silly practice of “hash-tag” diplomacy, apparently to frighten Putin into backing down? A smart move to make when you have to deal with an ogre.

Biden threatens Putin that our troops will go to Europe. He also tells Americans to return home. Obama said Joe has a unique ability to “F” up everything he touches. You are right, sir.

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