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Jordan Peterson Forces Male Feminist Professor to Submit to His Dominance

Jordan Peterson Forces Male Feminist Professor to Submit to His Dominance

“He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.”

Jordan Peterson declared Sunday that he had won the submission of a feminist professor who dared to cross him.

“Apology accepted,” tweeted Peterson, a famous Canadian psychologist and best-selling author. He added that “we’ll leave it at that.”

According to Peterson, 56, Michael Kimmel, 67, had in an email begged his forgiveness and promised “to make no further comment about your work until I have carefully ​read and studied it.”

Kimmel — who has touted his appellation as “the world’s most prominent male feminist” — was forced to apologize after criticizing Peterson in an interview published Thursday by Slate, a left-wing news outlet.

The sociologist accused Peterson of telling young men to blame their problems on women and called him “a philosophical clown, an intellectual court jester.”

Peterson, as is his wont, responded to what he called Kimmel’s “lies” with a devastating barrage of tweets. In one particularly ​cutting post, Peterson said: “I’m ashamed to share the title of ‘professor’ with you.” 

(Peterson — who has lately grown a salt-and-pepper beard to match his silver mane — is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Kimmel is a professor at State University of New York at Stony Brook University (it’s on Long Island).)

​According to The College Fix, Kimmel has written that the “the ​culture of hegemonic masculinity” is to blame for creating “a sense of aggrieved entitlement conducive to violence,” and his work is used in an Ohio State course that disparages white heterosexual masculinity.

Even beyond Kimmel’s emasculating ideology, Peterson pointed out in a number of tweets that the feminist has recently faced charges of sexism against his students.

“He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword,” Peterson ​tweeted Thursday of Kimmel’s ironic situation.

Peterson’s tweet linked to a blog post published earlier in the day by Bethany Coston, a former graduate student of Kimmel’s, in which she accused him of adopting a “benevolent sexist, second-wave feminist, trans-exclusionary frame of reference, which relies so heavily on stereotypical understandings of the gender binary that it also necessitates a homophobic understanding of sexuality.”

(Peterson ​rejects such language as means of thought policing by “post-modernist neo-Marxists. He has no patience for feminism, though he loves women and they love him.)

Coston — who is now a nonbinary professor of women’s studies at Virginia Commonwealth University — said Kimmel privileged his male heterosexual graduate students, defended porn, particularly “woman on woman,” and confessed that he “couldn’t help” staring at an undergraduate’s large breasts in a low-cut shirt.

Coston also accused Kimmel of holding “bigoted opinions” about gay and transgender people. She said that his teaching emphasizes that gay men are promiscuous and lesbians practically “asexual” and that he once told her that he understood why she stopped dating a man and started dating a “more caring and nurturing” woman.

He thinks the term “cisgender” is not useful, uses “FTM” to refer to women who identify as men, “which cis people shouldn’t,” and complained about being asked to seek out his students’ gender pronouns before class, Coston said.

Coston’s blog post was, by her account, occasioned by anonymous accusations of sexual harassment against Kimmel and by the annual American Sociological Association conference this week, which both she and he were to attend.

Kimmel was to received a major award for his work to “encompass fully the role of women in society,” but he has ​asked that it be deferred while the allegations against him are investigated.

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