CBS Hypes 4th COVID Shot, Whines Americans Care More About Inflation

It was announced Monday that Omicron’s sub-variant B.A.2 has caused a surge in COVID case across the nation. Philadelphia also announced that they will be reintroducing their indoor mask mandate. CBS Evening NewsThey used it as an excuse to promote a second COVID booster and complain about how Americans care less about falling prices and the troubled economy than about the new COVID variant. 

Anchor Norah O’Donnell declared at the top of the segment that “the fight against the pandemic is far from over.”She made that statement and then turned to Meg Oliver, her correspondent to report. 

“Trying to beat back a possible new COVID surge, Philadelphia announced it will bring back indoor mask requirements in public spaces effective a week from today”Oliver stated that Oliver added that the B.A.2 version now accounts for “more than 72 percent of new COVID cases” This is “up nearly 10 percent from a week ago.” 

After that, she turned her attention to the COVID booster shots which are now being promoted by various health authorities. “Just 70 percent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated. The top health officials encourage boosters”Oliver groaned, sure wishing that it was only one-hundredth of Americans. After that, she broadcast a clip of an interview from Doctor Ashish Jha. CBS Mornings:

Now, we are asking the question: what about the second booster? Excellent evidence has been provided by Israel that anyone over 60 should receive a booster. I think that part’s pretty clear. 

Oliver agreed with Jha “especially since some studies say B.A.2 is more contagious than Omicron”Add that “some health experts say now is the time to act.”

Her report was completed. She lamented about how “a new CBS poll shows COVID doesn’t even rank among the top five most pressing issues for Americans. They’re more concerned about the economy and inflation”Oliver expressed disappointment. 

Meg Oliver, a CBS News correspondent is well paid and can sneer at middle class Americans who are more worried about the economy’s sagging state and high inflation. She has the luxury of being able to afford price hikes at both the grocery store or the gas station. 

Most Americans can’t afford to pay more and believe that’s a bigger threat than a virus that’s been around for two years now.   

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CBS Evening News
Eastern, 6:38:38 

NORAH O’DONNELL: Back here at home, the fight against the pandemic is far from over. COVID-19 is on the rise again now that Omicron B.A.2 sub-variant B.A.2 dominates. We get more from CBS’s Meg Oliver.

MEG OLIVER – Philadelphia has announced that it will reinstate indoor masks in public places starting next week, to counter a potential new COVID surge.

DOCTOR CHRYL BETIGOLE: As much as you, I hope the pandemic is over. However, I worry about the safety of our loved ones and vulnerable neighbours.

B.A.2 is now responsible for 72 percent or more of COVID new cases. That’s nearly 10 percent higher than the week before. Hospitalizations are declining and deaths continue to decline for the moment. 

DOCTOR DELINE GUNDER: It is possible that B.A.2 will cause an increase in hospitalizations in those areas of the country with low vaccination rates, especially for the elderly. 

OLIVER – Only 70 percent are fully vaccinated. Top health officials recommend boosters. The CDC has found that boosters are effective at 60 percent in the first three months.

DOCTOR JHA : In the past few weeks, the question has been posed about a second booster. Excellent evidence has been provided by Israel that anyone over 60 should receive a booster. I think that part’s pretty clear. 


Columbia University students in New York City have been required to put on masks for class starting today. A CBS poll has revealed that COVID is not among America’s top five pressing problems. These people are concerned more about inflation and the economy.

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